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What We Provide for Biometric Face Access Control System

1. State-of-the-art facial recognition technology

Our biometric face access control systems utilize cutting-edge facial recognition technology to ensure accurate and reliable identification.

Our systems use high-resolution cameras and advanced facial recognition algorithms to quickly and accurately identify individuals, even under challenging conditions.

2. Comprehensive Security Solutions

Enterprise attendance management

Enterprise face attendance access control solution involves integrating biometric technology to enhance security and streamline attendance tracking.

Key Features
1. Facial Recognition Technology
– Accurate and rapid face recognition.
– High security with liveness detection to prevent spoofing.
– Ability to handle large databases for enterprise-scale operations.

2. Attendance Management
– Automatic attendance logging when employees enter or leave the premises.
– Integration with payroll systems for seamless processing.
– Real-time attendance monitoring and reporting.

3. Integration Capabilities
– API and SDK support for integrating with existing enterprise systems.
– Compatibility with other security systems (e.g., RFID, fingerprint, card access).

4. Customization Options
– Customizable startup screens, language preferences, and company logos.
– Configurable rules and workflows based on enterprise requirements.

5. User Management
– Centralized management of user profiles and access rights.
– Role-based access controls.
– Easy enrollment of new employees.

6. Scalability
– Capable of handling a growing number of users as the enterprise expands.
– Cloud or on-premise deployment options based on company needs.

Facial access control system elevator control solution

Facial access control system for elevator control involves integrating biometric technology to regulate access to different floors or specific areas within a building.

Key Features

1. Facial Recognition Technology
– Fast and accurate facial recognition capabilities.
– Liveness detection to prevent unauthorized access attempts.
– Ability to handle varying environmental conditions (lighting, angles).

2. Elevator Access Control
– Control access to specific floors or groups of floors based on user permissions.
– Restrict access to authorized personnel only.
– Integration with existing elevator systems or control panels.

3. User Management
– Centralized management of user profiles and access permissions.
– Role-based access controls (e.g., employees, visitors, executives).

4. Integration with Building Systems
– Seamless integration with building management systems (BMS) or security systems.
– Compatibility with access control protocols (e.g., Wiegand, TCP/IP).

Facial Recognition Access Control Border Management Solution

Facial recognition access control solution for border management involves deploying advanced biometric technology to enhance security and streamline border crossing processes.

 Key Features

1. Border Crossing Management
– Entry and Exit Control: Manage and monitor entry and exit of individuals at border checkpoints.
– Integration: Interface with immigration and border control databases for identity verification.
– Real-time Monitoring: Track movements in real-time to enhance security and border control.

2. Passenger Verification
– Automated Identity Verification: Authenticate travelers against biometric databases.
– Document Authentication: Verify travel documents (e.g., passports, visas) alongside facial recognition.
– Seamless Integration: Integrate with existing border management systems for comprehensive passenger screening.

3. Security and Compliance
– Enhanced Security Measures: Strengthen border security with reliable biometric authentication.
– Compliance: Ensure compliance with international security standards and regulations.

4. Operational Efficiency
– Faster Processing: Expedite border crossing procedures with automated identity verification.
– Reduce Queues: Minimize wait times for travelers through efficient biometric screening.
– Scalability: Scale to accommodate varying passenger volumes during peak periods.

Biometric School Face Access Control Solution

Biometric school face access control solution involves integrating advanced technology to enhance security and streamline access management within educational environments.

Key Features

1. Face Access Control
– Biometric Control access to school buildings, classrooms, and sensitive areas.
– Multi-level access permissions based on roles (students, teachers, staff).
– Integration with existing school ID cards or student management systems.

2. Attendance Management
– Automatic attendance tracking as students and staff enter or leave school premises.
– Real-time attendance monitoring and reporting.
– Integration with school administration systems for attendance records.

3. Emergency Management
– Integration with emergency response systems for quick identification during crises.
– Lockdown protocols integration for enhanced security measures.

4. User-Friendly Interface
– Intuitive interface for students, teachers, and staff.
– Customizable settings for language preferences and user profiles.

Face Access Control System GYM Solution

Face access control system for a gym solution involves integrating biometric technology to manage member access efficiently and enhance security.

Key Features

1. Facial Recognition Technology
– Fast Recognition: Rapid identification of gym members upon entry.
– Liveness Detection: Prevents unauthorized access using photos or videos.

2. Access Control
– Member Authentication**: Control access to gym facilities based on facial recognition.
– Real-time Access Monitoring: Track member entry and exit in real-time.
– Integration: Interface with gym management software for seamless member management.

3. Member Management
– Centralized Database: Store and manage member profiles and access permissions centrally.
– Membership Verification: Automatically verify active memberships upon entry.
– Guest Management: Manage guest access with temporary permissions or pre-registration.

Biometric Turnstile Solution

Biometric face turnstile gate solution involves integrating advanced facial recognition technology with turnstile gates to manage access control efficiently.

Key Features

1. Facial Recognition Technology
– Accurate Identification: Rapid and reliable recognition of authorized personnel.
– Liveness Detection: Prevents spoofing attempts using photographs or videos.
– Adaptability: Capable of handling various lighting conditions and facial angles.

2. Turnstile Gate Integration
– Access Control: Control entry and exit through turnstile gates based on facial recognition.
– Directional Control: Manage flow direction (entry or exit) based on user permissions.
– Anti-tailgating: Detect and prevent unauthorized individuals from following behind an authorized user.

3. User Management
– Centralized Administration: Manage user profiles and access permissions centrally.
– Role-based Access: Define access levels for different user groups (e.g., employees, visitors, contractors).
– Real-time Updates: Instant updates to access permissions as needed.

3. Certified Biometric Face Access Control Products

3. Customizable Options

We understand that different customers have different needs, which is why we offer customizable options for biometric face access control systems.

From single-door entry to multi-point entry systems, we can customize a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Various Biometric Identification Methods

In addition to face recognition, we support fingerprint recognition, card recognition, iris recognition, and palmprint/palm vein recognition. This flexibility allows you to choose the most suitable identification method for your security requirements.

Customizable Startup Screen, Language, and Logo

We provide options to customize the startup screen, language, and logo to match your branding and operational preferences, ensuring a seamless integration with your organization's identity.

Free SDK and API:

Our products come with free Software Development Kits (SDKs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), allowing your IT team to develop custom applications and further tailor the system to your specific needs.

Small Batch Customization:

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Certified Products

All our products are certified to meet international standards, ensuring reliability and performance. Our certifications give you the confidence that our systems are built to provide the highest level of security.

Our Services

High-Quality Products

As an industry leader, we recognize the crucial importance of material quality in ensuring product performance and reliability. Consequently, we rigorously manage every step of the production process and carefully select premium materials. This meticulous approach guarantees the stability and durability of our products. Our commitment extends beyond merely offering exceptional products; we aim to deliver long-term value and earn the trust of our customers.

Trained Team

We are proud to announce that we have a rigorously trained and professionally certified team. Our team members are well-versed in the latest developments in biometric technology and possess deep industry experience. Furthermore, they are not only familiar with our manufacturing processes but also equipped to solve a variety of technical challenges. This combination of expertise and practical knowledge ensures that we can consistently deliver high-quality solutions to our customers.


We are renowned for our efficient and timely response, ensuring production tasks are completed and products are delivered swiftly. Our factory operates on a well-organized schedule, and our team works closely to ensure a smooth production process, minimizing lead times. Understanding that time is crucial for your projects, we are dedicated to providing reliable time management to meet your urgent needs.

Quick Response​

In today’s highly competitive market, quick response is crucial. Therefore, we have established an efficient communication system and response mechanism to quickly address customer needs and changes. Whether it’s a modification to an order, a request for technical support, or any other issue, our team is ready to respond immediately and take necessary action. Known for our swift problem-solving, customers can rely on us confidently, knowing their needs will be promptly met.

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HFSECURITY offers comprehensive biometric solutions for various sectors, including government agencies, banks, and schools. We provide a range of biometric technologies such as fingerprint recognition, face recognition, iris recognition, palm vein recognition, and fingerprint vein recognition.

With our engineers’ extensive customization and R&D capabilities, we can develop exclusive products tailored to your specific needs. Our advanced facilities have state-of-the-art machines, including aluminum alloy die-casting machines, CNC machining centers, mold processing workshops, and die-casting workshops.

Additionally, HFSECURITY boasts an R&D team of over 50 experts with more than 17 years of experience in biometrics. Our team has participated in over 100 projects and is well-equipped to meet diverse identification requirements.

For custom biometric solution services, choose HFSECURITY as your trusted manufacturer.

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