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HFSecurity RA08: Excellent face recognition all-in-one attendance and access control machine, a new choice for the intelligent office!

In the era of rapid development of science and technology, enterprises have an increasing demand for efficient office and safety management. HFSecurity RA08 is the latest 8-inch dynamic double-sided life scanning attendance and access control all-in-one machine launched by HFSecurity. With its excellent performance and advanced technology, it has become one of the first choices in intelligent office environments.

The highlight of RA08 is its powerful face recognition function, which provides enterprises with efficient and safe attendance and access management solutions. The following are the main features of RA08:

8-inch touch screen: RA08 is equipped with an 8-inch touch screen, making user operation more intuitive and convenient. Employees can complete attendance check-in through simple touch operations to improve office efficiency.

8-inch Facial Recognition Attendance Access Control

8-inch Facial Recognition Attendance Access Control

IP65 waterproof: RA08 adopts an IP65 waterproof design and can work stably in various complex environments. Whether indoors or outdoors, the RA08 can handle various weather conditions, ensuring the stability and durability of the device.

Support wired and wireless connections: RA08 supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections, making the device more flexible and suitable for different network environments. Optional 4G network connection and QR code scanning function further expand the connection methods to meet the diverse needs of enterprises.

Android 12 operating system: RA08 is equipped with the advanced Android 12 operating system, providing users with a smoother and more stable experience. This also provides wider space for device upgrades and expansion, ensuring that users can always enjoy the latest features and performance.

Can be designed for turnstile: RA08 is not only suitable for general access control scenarios but can also be flexibly designed for turnstile, improving the diversity and applicability of the access control system.

RA08 Attendance Access Control with Face Recognition

The emergence of HFSecurity RA08 is not only an all-in-one attendance and access control machine but also a revolutionary advancement in the intelligent office environment. Its powerful facial recognition function, advanced technical configuration, and diverse connection methods make it stand out in the market. For enterprises that pursue efficient office and security management, HFSecurity RA08 will become an indispensable intelligent tool, bringing a more convenient and intelligent management experience to enterprises.

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