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HFSecurity is your trusted specialist in bespoke biometric solutions, servicing a wide array of industries ranging from government bodies to banks and educational institutions. Our suite of biometric technologies includes not only fingerprint recognition and face recognition, but also cutting-edge iris recognition, palm vein recognition, and fingerprint vein recognition. HFSecurity professional engineers who have rich experience in customization, research, and development, enabling us to fabricate unique products tailored to your specific needs. Our factory has state-of-the-art equipment, including advanced aluminum alloy die-casting machines, and high-tech CNC machining center workshops, along with mold processing and die-casting facilities.

Moreover, boasting a robust R&D team of 50+ professionals with an impressive collective experience of over 19 years in biometric solutions, HFSECURITY has significantly contributed to more than 100 projects, showcasing our versatility in addressing various identification requirements. For customized biometric solutions, look no further, HFSecurity is your ideal manufacturing partner!


Transitioning from digital platforms to in-person interactions, HFSecurity actively engages in on-the-ground market research to provide superior service to our clients. With 19 years of experience, we have a deep understanding of the global biometrics market and keen insight into our competitors. Consequently, we craft strategic marketing plans tailored to counter various competitors. This ensures our customers always have the upper hand.

Professional Team

Bolstered by our team members, whose average experience extends beyond 4 years, and armed with deep insights acquired from our biometric research, we pride ourselves in delivering customized biometric solutions. Consequently, the efficiency of our formidable team enables us to develop and present these tailored answers on an average of just one day. Moreover, our continuous dedication to innovation ensures that we stay ahead in the industry, constantly refining our processes to meet evolving customer needs. Thus, we guarantee not only speed but also precision and reliability in our solutions.

Diversification of Biometric Solution

At HFSecurity, we are dedicated to reaching wider markets and diverse customer groups, thereby enabling us to present the most suitable products that are both superior and favorable. In line with the evolving market demands, we consistently innovate and launch new products annually. Moreover, always poised at the forefront of biometric solutions, we stay on top of trends to deliver the best for our clients..

Rich Delivery Channels

Our well-established and stable supply chain management enables us to provide purchase quotations and biometric solutions within a swift timeline of 2 hours. Moreover, with this robust system in place, we ensure a delivery turnaround of merely three working days, underscoring our commitment to efficiency and reliability. Additionally, this rapid response time highlights our dedication to meeting client needs promptly and effectively.

Extensive Experience

With more than 50 international visits under our belt, we have expertise in providing customized biometric solution services, attuned to diverse market requirements. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture first-hand, the latest biometric market information from around the globe. Furthermore, this extensive experience enables us to understand and respond to the unique needs of different markets effectively.


You can provide biometric hardware design or samples, target reference price, pictures of similar products. Our professional project team will customize biometric products or biometric solutions according to your requirements and show your creativity and ideas. Likewise, HFSecurity professional project team can provide you with professional biometric equipment and references. We also can provide the project parameters and specifications to customize your product.

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  Step 1: Planning:

You provide the requirements, and the HFSecurity team, based on years of market experience, combined with the characteristics of the product itself and its pain points, will respond promptly. Consequently, our R&D department will provide you with professional reference advice to help you customize your product.

  Step 2: Product Design

HFSecurity’s specialized product development department will provide you with expert advice on product material selection based on your needs, usage scenario and country. Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, PC material, ABS material. At the same time, we will provide you with the certification of the material professional organization.


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8400 square meters factory area
8 production lines
Customers in 100+ countries
50 +
have done 20+ large projects
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50 times + overseas visit experience
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100+ ceritifacted
50 +
Biometric Solution Factory


Founded in 2005, HFSecurity is a comprehensive enterprise. We specialize in R&D, production, sales, and service of biometric and security intelligent products. Moreover, we are committed to becoming the world’s leading provider of biometric security integrated solutions.

Notably, the Shenzhen factory covers an area of about 8,400 square meters. The factory is equipped with 8 automatic assembly lines and mold production lines, two sets of reflow soldering in ten temperature zones, two sets of double wave soldering, ultrasonic waves, and smart lock life durability testing systems. Additionally, our factory specializes in the production of fingerprints, face, iris, and other PDA handhelds, smart locks, and smart home products. Meanwhile, the headquarters office in Chongqing city spans 450m²; the group employs over 280 people, including 42 management, R&D, and technical engineers.

Through years of striving for excellence, HFSecurity has accumulated rich experience in R&D and production. As a result, we have obtained ISO9001 quality system certification, and our products have passed international CE, FCC, and other certifications. Furthermore, we have obtained 36 patents for appearance and invention, along with special new products and national high-tech enterprise honors.


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