HFSecurity’s PCB engineers have 20 years of experience in layout solutions and are able to determine the number of layers, design rules and constraints, layout components, fan-out designs, manual wiring specific features and handling of critical signals according to customer needs. The ability to differentiate your product from the market is unique and competitive.

 PCB proofing

HFSecurity conducts quarterly reviews of all departments to ensure a worry-free delivery at every step of the process, and the same is true for PCB prototyping. Our PCB prototyping department is familiar with the location and stability of each component. The first process is able to assess the quality of the PCB in terms of soldering, light, color, board size and thickness; according to the staffing: in the fast prototyping process, each process requires a dedicated technician to supervise and control, responsible for checking each process of production boards, as well as after the completion of the product also requires a dedicated staff to conduct a comprehensive inspection or sampling inspection to ensure the quality of each board product

SMT Patch

HFSecurity’s SMT workshop all items in strict accordance with the prescribed temperature, humidity storage; SMT personnel to be equipped with anti-static clothing, shoes, wear anti-static bracelets; timely and regular patch, regular maintenance, reduce the throw material, improve efficiency.


Biometric product assembly is a technology-intensive product, which requires the assembler to be familiar with the components, the lines are neatly arranged, and the installation order should be in accordance with low to high, light first and then heavy, easy first and then difficult. First general components and then special components assembly.

 Packaging Design

Packaging design is a very important element in brand identity. A good biometric product packaging can easily inspire customer trust in your brand and enhance the value of your product. Whether you are looking to design a box for a new product or need to update an existing electronics box, we have five golden rules for you. That our design team is true to your brand, that the product neither over-promises nor under-delivers.

Your products may come in different sizes, dimensions, or as a series of multiple products. It is very important that the packaging looks consistent. One of the easiest ways to do this is by keeping the color, design style, and illustration of the electronics box consistent. Packaging design should be clear and precise.

Biometric product packaging boxes can be used as a vehicle for brand advertising. The box is equivalent to a mobile billboard, and the brand can communicate with customers through the high-end box. Packaging design should be different, when a unique product packaging is suddenly displayed in the shelf, the product’s attraction to customers will quickly expand. When a unique product packaging is suddenly displayed in the shelf, the product’s attraction to customers will be expanded rapidly. At the same time, customers are more willing to share the unique product packaging on social media platforms. Packaging design should consider the cost and the impact of the packaging on the overall cost.