HFSecurity Biometric Tablet Series

HFSecurity Biometric Fingerprint Tablet

HFSecurity is a distinguished innovator in the biometric technology domain, renowned for providing the Biometric Fingerprint Tablet Device as a cornerstone of its product range. This modern tool, integrating seamless authentication with cutting-edge fingerprint detection, offers heightened security protocols for various sectors. Consequently, it stands out as a reliable solution, ensuring superior protection and convenience.

At the core of HFSecurity’s accomplishments lies the Biometric Fingerprint Tablet Device, which combines sophisticated sensor technology and user-centered design. Its high-resolution capture mechanism meticulously analyzes unique fingerprint ridges and patterns. Consequently, it effectively blocks unauthorized attempts and safeguards sensitive information.

The versatility of the HFSecurity biometric tablet is evident in its sleek, portable form factor, making it highly adaptable to various scenarios. This includes applications such as entry control systems, attendance monitoring, and stringent identity confirmation. Quick to register fingerprints and swift in matching, this device stands as an ally in effective and rapid identity verification.

Ease of operation is a key feature of the Biometric Fingerprint Tablet Device, facilitated by its intuitive user interface. Moreover, its high-resolution display enhances the user experience with crystal-clear visuals. Additionally, wireless capability enables fluid connectivity and seamless system integration without the constraints of wires.

Demonstrating unwavering dedication to quality and customization, HFSecurity caters to diverse biometric applications, from individual modules to full-scale systems. Utilizing cutting-edge optical fingerprint technology, their products uphold standards of accuracy and reliability. In addition to technical prowess, HFSecurity provides comprehensive support, ensuring delivery of innovative solutions and consistent service excellence. This positions HFSecurity as the premier partner for all biometric-related security needs.

FP07 7inch Biometric Fingerprint Tablet
The FP07 tablet from HFSECURITY is an innovative handheld biometric device powered by the versatile Android OS. It features a sophisticated biometric fingerprint scanner, advanced face recognition, comprehensive 1D/2D barcode scanning, and NFC reading capacity. Additionally, this adaptable tool is ideal for various applications such as secure messaging, fingerprint-based verification, attendance tracking, warehouse logistics, and digital voting systems. Moreover, this adaptable tool proves to be ideal for a variety of applications such as secure messaging, precise fingerprint-based jewelry verification, efficient tracking of attendance, meticulous warehouse logistics, and secure digital voting systems. In essence, it effectively marries convenience with robust security measures to meet the demands of the modern world.
8inch All-in-one Biometric Tablet

HFSECURITY’s FP08 is a versatile 8-inch handheld biometric device, that serves as an all-in-one mobile ID terminal for comprehensive identity verification. This powerful tool is adept at supporting multiple biometric technologies, including Iris and face recognition, and is equipped with advanced scanning capabilities for MRZ, barcodes, and NFC. It also features compatibility with various FBI-certified modules like FAP10, FAP20, and FAP30, making it ideal for a wide array of security applications.

8 inch Fingerprint Tablet

HFSECURITY’s FP820 stands out with its sleek 8-inch display, integrating a FAP20 optical fingerprint scanner for robust mobile identity solutions. Moreover, this biometric handheld terminal is versatile, supporting NFC, facial recognition, iris recognition, MRZ reading, and UHF functionality. Ideal for multifaceted identity authentication needs, the FP820 is the go-to device for secure and efficient operations. To learn more, email us to discover more.

FP510 Biometric Mobile Tablet

The FP510, a compact 5-inch Android biometric mobile handheld tablet by HFSECURITY, is engineered to boost security with features like fingerprint recognition, QR code scanning, and NFC technology. Crafted for seamless integration, this device streamlines user authentication processes across various applications, from confirming identities to managing secure transactions. Moreover, it’s the epitome of convenience, offering ease of use for enhanced security solutions.

FP520 Handheld Fingerprint biometric Tablet

The FP520 handheld fingerprint biometric tablet, a 5-inch Smart Biometric Mobile ID Terminal, is HFSECURITY’s compact and multifaceted solution for secure, mobile authentication. Specifically tailored for sectors like law enforcement and healthcare, this device delivers efficient verification with reliability and security at its core, encapsulating HFSECURITY’s dedication to innovative authentication technology.

FP530 Mobile Fingerprint Tablet

HFSECURITY’s 5″ multi-biometric registration tablet is a versatile portable device, featuring the FAP530 optical biometric sensor for diverse data capture. This robust tablet is an ideal tool for workforce management and time attendance, as well as financial services and mobile banking operations, accommodating fake fingerprint detection capabilities for enhanced security measures.

FP830 FAP30 Fingerprint MRZ Biometric Tablet

The 8″ FAP30 Fingerprint MRZ Biometric Tablet Terminal, skillfully developed by HFSECURITY, stands as a pinnacle of cutting-edge technology. Boasting a generous display, it features FAP30 certified fingerprint scanning and Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) recognition capabilities. As a result, this tablet is exceptionally well-suited for high-security applications that demand stringent identity verification and robust authentication processes.

FP850 Ten Finger Biometric Tablet
HFSECURITY’s 8″ Tenprint Biometric Enrollment Tablet is meticulously engineered, skillfully capturing pristine fingerprints alongside additional biometric data. This high-caliber device seamlessly delivers an all-encompassing solution for biometric enrollment, adeptly catering to a broad range of applications that necessitate detailed and secure data collection.

FP09 is an Android biometric fingerprint POS terminal with a built-in printer.  Android version, 2 SIM Cards slots support to be sure fully have a network, no matter in which Telecom Coverage Area. All kinds of Barcode Scanner formats support standard functions, including PDF417, details are below.  Wireless charging is convenient to operate while charging. 508DPI the largest capacitance fingerprint sensor, is suitable for both enrollment and verification.