FP08 Android Rugged Biometric Fingerprint Tablet

FP08 Rugged Biometric Fingerprint Tablet

Product Description

The Android Rugged Biometric Fingerprint Tablet FP08 comes with the Android 11 operating system and offers optional 6G RAM+128GB ROM. supporting various verification modes such as face, fingerprint, iris, and NFC card. This device finds applications in government, hospitals, organizations, schools, biometric bank verification, and other projects.  

Warranty(Year): 1-Year Screen Size: 8″
Scenarios: For Professional Feature: Waterproof
charging interface: USB Type C Drive Interface: USB Type C
After-sales Service: Onsite Training and Inspection Products Status: Used
Processor Manufacture: MTK Processor Type: Quad Core
Touch Screen Type: Capacitive Screen Display resolution: 1280×720
Operating System: Android 11 Weight: 2
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Brand Name: HFSECURITY
Model Number: FP08 Type: Tablet PC
Use: Business Network: wifi, 4g
Product name: Android Touch Screen Rugged Fingerprint OEM Tablet OS: Android 9.0(optional Android 11)
CPU: Quad-core 2.0 GHz RAM/ROM: RAM:2GB, optional 3GB/4GB/6GB ROM:16GB,optional 32GB/64GB/128GB
Display: 8inches, 1920*1080resolution Communication: USB,WIFI,4G,GPS
Recognition: fingerprint(18*12.8mm),NFC card(ISO standard),face recognition,iris recognition Camera: front5.0/rear13.0mga
Certification: CE Touch screen: 8 Inch Touch Screen
The Android Rugged Biometric Fingerprint Tablet FP08 is a durable 4G tablet specifically designed for rugged environments, featuring IP65 protection for enhanced resilience. Running on Android 9.0, it not only includes a capacitive fingerprint sensor but also two SIM card slots. Additionally, it is equipped with an NFC card reader and MRZ code reading capabilities. Consequently, the FP08 is widely used in agriculture, schools, banks, government institutions, hospitals, factories, and the telecom sector. Its main objective is to streamline user registration, verification, and authentication processes, making it indispensable in various professional settings.
Physical size
RAM:2GB, optional 3GB/4GB/6GB ROM:16GB,optional 32GB/64GB/128GB
LCD Display
8”, 1280*800, IPS
Touch Panel
Capacitive panel, multi-point touch, G+G
Front: 5.0M, Rear: 8M, optional 5.0M+13M
DC 10000mAh
Support ISO/IEEC1443 Type A & B, 13.56MHz
Recognition Function
Fingerprint,face,iris,QR scan,card recognition
Built-in microphone
Built-in stereo speaker 8Ω/1.5W*2
SIM Card
Support 2 SIM card (4G)
1x mini SD card up to 256GBG
3.5mm stereo phone jack
Storage Temperature
Android 11
CPU Professor
MTK6737 cortex A7 1.5GHz Quad core
For free
Extra Support
Launcher APP for free (Only allow to use the specific app, usercannot access other settings/apps on devices)
Fingerprint Sensor
Image Size
256*360 pixels
Image Resolution
Window Area
Support ANSI378/381, ISO19794-2/-4
Image Format
WSQ, JPG, BMP, etc.
Communication way
4G, 3G, WIFI, Bluetooth, USB(OTG support)
OCR Support scan1D/2D/3D code, PDF417,MRZ code
IRIS recognition Support
Face Recognition Support

biometric mobile tablet

Running on the Android 9.0 system, the FP08 Android biometric fingerprint tablet combines user-friendly operation with powerful functionality. Its modern interface and extensive app compatibility make it a versatile tool, capable of meeting various professional demands with ease and efficiency. 

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Equipped with a capacitive fingerprint sensor, the FP08 rugged biometric fingerprint tablet offers secure and accurate biometric authentication. This essential feature not only enhances security but also simplifies access control. Consequently, it provides a reliable solution for safeguarding sensitive information and preventing unauthorized access.

Biometric Tablet with NFC Card Reader  In addition, the FP08 biometric fingerprint tabletincludes an NFC card reader, facilitating convenient and secure transactions. This feature is essential for industries that rely on quick and efficient data exchange, such as retail, banking, and public services.

Fingerprint Tablet with Face Recognition and iris Recognition    

Android Biometric Tablet Read MRZ Code

Moreover, the FP08 has the capability to read MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) codes, making it an indispensable tool for identity verification and document processing. This functionality is crucial, particularly for sectors like border control, government institutions, and transportation, where quick and accurate document scanning is required. Consequently, it ensures efficient operations and heightened security in these demanding environments.


Fingerprint Tablet FP08 test demo

 Registration Demo

Android Biometric Tablet FP08 demo
FP08 Biometric Tablet DEMO

Android Fingerprint Face Rugged Tablet Application

Android Fingerprint Tablet for Refugees management

Android Biometric Fingerprint Tablet for Refugees Management

Make registration for all refugees, press your finger to check your real identity, and get funds or food

Android Fingerprint Tablet for Patients registration

Android Fingerprint Tablet for Patient Registration

Make registration for patients, get records when seeing doctors, make payments, get medical, etc.

Android Fingerprint Tablet for Hospital

Android Fingerprint Tablet for Hospital

Android Fingerprint NFC Tablet installed at ward gate for patient time in/ time out management.

Android Mobile Fingerprint Terminal FP08

 FP08 Android Mobile Fingerprint Terminal

The FP08 is designed for Nigeria Farmer Management, featuring 4G for wireless real-time data transfer and GPS for real-time location tracking. Additionally, it integrates with the payroll system for accurate salary calculations, ensuring seamless and efficient operations.

FP08 Fingerprint Tablet PC use for Production Line

FP08 Fingerprint Tablet PC used for Production Line

The Biometric Fingerprint Tablet is used in clothes factories, where workers identify themselves using fingerprints. Additionally, they can check and monitor the clothes-making process, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Biometric Fingerprint Tablet in Nigeria Agriculture management

Nigeria Agriculture Management: registration for farmers

Register farmers, then identify farmers to get related seeds, fertilizer, farming tools, training

With its versatility, the FP08 tablet is widely utilized across multiple industries, including agriculture, schools, banks, government institutions, hospitals, factories, and the telecom sector. Moreover, its main objective is to streamline user registration, verification, and authentication processes, making it an indispensable tool in various professional settings. By simplifying these processes, the FP08 not only enhances productivity and efficiency but also proves itself as an essential device for modern workflows. Consequently, it has become a trusted solution for many organizations seeking to improve their operational effectiveness.

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