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At present, the world’s population is becoming increasingly large, and with such a huge amount of data, public security criminal investigation work, if through the traditional way to check ID cards and other documents, to verify the identity or confirm the identity of the suspect, is not very accurate and time-consuming. So, iris recognition came on the scene, then, how can iris recognition technology assist public security criminal investigation work?

iris recognition technology

First of all, iris recognition technology can be associated with public security criminal investigation work, is also based on the human eye iris, our human eye iris, contains a unique and lifelong unchanging texture characteristics, so to carry out identification has a very high reliability. This is because the iris develops between 8 months and 1 year after birth and remains constant for life. This stable feature allows us to authenticate or identify ourselves. It is also known from research that the accuracy of iris recognition is probably one of the highest of the various biometric technologies available. Therefore, the ability of iris recognition is fully capable of achieving the role of assisting public security criminal investigation.

So, how exactly do you want to use iris recognition technology? We can build iris collection system in the police station, equipped with looking-glass type iris collection equipment. Next, iris collection and identification can be performed on the suspected persons involved in the case, administrative punishment personnel, summoned persons, etc. in the jurisdiction. By collecting the content, an iris library of key personnel of concern can be established and the identity of the offenders can be accurately verified.

Iris Recognition

Once the system has performed iris collection of people into the database, it can bind the ID document information to its iris feature information, and do iris identity verification of key people using the local iris library and the national iris library.

The system is mainly composed of an ID reader, iris collector, and iris collection management client. The system process is also very clear and straightforward, after starting, document reading and portrait taking; then go on to complete iris collection, which can be saved to the local database after completion. Upload it to the data center and you are done.

This project achieves the management and tracking of suspects by using unique iris feature collection and identification equipment to grasp the suspect’s identity in real time, quickly and accurately, and through real-time computer display and data statistics. It is also possible to customize the suspect management software, and also to dock with the established criminal investigation information professional application system to achieve information sharing.

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Iris Recognition Technology in The Police Station Criminal Investigation

Through this series of processes, coupled with the powerful functions of iris recognition technology itself, so that it can be well used in carrying out public security criminal investigation work, to achieve the purpose of making the suspect quickly in force.

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