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What is a ten-finger fingerprint reader?


Fingerprint capture is one of the most common uses of biometric technology. 

For government projects such as population registration, elections, customs entry, or corporate onboarding, the ten-finger fingerprint scanner can provide ID registration and fingerprint identification for large projects.

As governments look to harness the power of biometrics, many agencies are requiring fingerprint images to be tapped or rolled to register people and verify their identities. From civil applications such as travel and ID card issuance, welfare and voter registration to booking stations for law enforcement officers, fingerprint authentication must be processed quickly and reliably, with FBI certified inclusion of


Superior ten finger fingerprint live scanner identification technology

The HFSecurity Bio 7plus 4 4 2 Fingerprint Live Scanner is a specialized device with an advanced optical system that captures high-quality, FBI Appendix F certified images of four fingers in less than 1.0 second.


The wide scanning area of the Bio 7 plus 442 Fingerprint Live Scanner allows it to create rolling fingerprint images while capturing flat fingerprints. The bio 7 plus is a viable live scan device that can be used in a variety of environments  and applications designed for fingerprint entry, personnel registration, and query projects with ten fingerprint scanning devices, such as border control, Philippine national projects that include electronic ID cards, national ID cards, health care facilities, social welfare issuance, and other applications . The programmable LEDs, buttons and audible buzzer of this ten-finger fingerprint live scanner provide audio and visual scan verification through an intuitive user interface that allows the end user to confirm the fingerprint scan results.


Why use a ten fingerprint scanner? 

Best-in-class ten-print real-time scanning of fingerprints

Ten fingerprint scanners or ten-print scanners are devices designed to facilitate fingerprint capture on all 10 fingers of the human hand. Why identify or verify with ten fingerprints when you can do it with one finger?

1. In high security and large scale personal identification applications, relying on a single fingerprint for personal identification is neither reliable nor secure. 

The speed and security of identity verification can be enhanced by the use of ten fingerprint scanners, which is the value of ten fingerprint readers.

2. 10 fingerprint scanners are commonly used in security-focused applications and for large-scale biometric enrollment or identification drives. For example, applications such as civil identification, criminal identification, background checks, and biometric national ID cards typically use 10 print scanners. These devices can capture flat and rolling fingerprints from all 10 fingers and use it to enroll, identify or verify individuals. They are also known as 10-print rolling scanners because of their ability to capture both flat and rolling fingerprints.


3. Enrolling ten fingers ensures that the fingerprint information of a person is perfected and that other fingerprints can be used in case of damage to one fingerprint head, for example, in criminal cases where more precise identification of individuals is required, including our entry and exit from customs, to verify ten fingers. 


We at HFSecurity offer an extensive catalog of fingerprint scanners from leading brands, offering value for money and high-end performance without compromise. hfsecurity has over a decade of experience in providing biometric hardware, solutions and services and is a global provider of fingerprint hardware and solutions. Our knowledge of software and hardware for Ten Print Live Scan fingerprint scanner has assisted us in government, corporate and hardware and software vendors around the world.

How do you choose Ten Print Fingerprint Scanner? 

We have carefully selected two fingerprint scanners that offer high-end features while remaining cost effective because we understand that high price does not always mean high performance. We offer leading biometric hardware from manufacturers that use innovative and industry-leading technology. Because their devices use best-in-class internals and optics, they can effortlessly meet or exceed ANSI/NIST and FBI Image Quality Specification (IQS) standards. A high level of resistance to environmental and other factors that can affect image quality is controlled to maintain consistent performance.

How to choose the right fingerprint scanner for your needs


4 4 2 fingerprint scanners are an essential piece of equipment for any business that needs to collect and store biometric data. But with so many different models on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for your needs. Here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a 4 4 2 fingerprint scanner:


– compatibility: 4 4 2 fingerprint scanners come in both USB and RS232 models. Make sure you know which type of interface you need before making your purchase.

– read speed: This is the amount of time it takes for the scanner to read and process a fingerprint. The faster the better, as you don’t want your employees to be waiting around while the scanner does its job.

– image quality: Look for a scanner with high resolution and low noise levels. This will ensure that your fingerprint images are clear and accurate.

– durability: 4 4 2 fingerprint scanners are designed for heavy use, but some models are more durable than others. If you anticipate high volumes of traffic, make sure to choose a model that can handle it.

-Price-We have found that the price of ten fingerprint scanners on the market goes up and down too much, from a few tens to a few hundred dollars. What if we could determine the correct product to match the corresponding price. Here is an article that will allow you to find the best 442 fingerprint scanner by spending the least amount of money


With so many different factors to consider, choosing the right 4 4 2 fingerprint scanner can be a daunting task. But if you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect model for your needs.

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