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When we talk about security, people tend to jump to conclusions and immediately think of bouncers, heavy steel doors and alarms that go off when the door is opened. In reality, access control is one of the most common and least intrusive ways to add extra security to a home, public space or commercial premises  controlling who can enter a space based on the use of access codes, keys or access cards.


Access control in public apartments and office buildings is often an important factor in securing a building, though private homes have their own low-key methods of access control, such as burglar alarms and personalized passwords. With that said, what makes access codes so effective in so many spaces? And why are they so important in today’s society?

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Benefits of Access Control


Whenever you visit an office space, enter an apartment building or drive into a gated community, you may be faced with restricted access and a password keypad – and a button to make a phone call if you are a visitor. This is a prime example of access control, where a homeowner has installed a gate or security door that requires a password to gain access from the outside. Pressing the request button will redirect you to the controller, which can then grant access or deny it.


Some of these keypads have cameras so that the controller can see visitors – some have only microphones and speakers. The main benefit of access control is that it ensures that the space remains secure – only those who are granted access can access it. This restriction helps secure residents and property, not only by deterring burglars, but also by ensuring that they cannot gain access without permission.


Some examples of access control system panels being used include:


1. Private parking lots that allow access to employees or residents or paying guests, depending on the location.

2. Entrances to public buildings and apartments to allow residents access. These types of access control panels will have multiple buttons, one for each apartment, so that guests can make requests and talk to their contacts.

3. Offices, which grant access to employees and their guests.


Another major benefit of biometric access control is the ability to track access data, which can be used for anything from tracking building usage to understanding and recording individuals entering and leaving the premises. For those of you who have seen detective shows, you’ll know how important this kind of data is for establishing alibis!


Replacing lost keys


Internally, this can also be used to determine who was around when an incident occurred, as well as to determine how many people were in the house in the event of a fire or emergency. In addition to knowing when individuals are in a particular space, access control can be used to restrict access to a space during specific time periods – for example, at the end of a shift or at night.

This is most common for commercial spaces and parking lots, as private homes will provide access to residents at any given time. Access control plays an important role in security and can affect everything from insurance bills and coverage to the cost of replacing lost keys. By limiting access to certain spaces to only those who are supposed to be working there or passing through their private residence, you can keep individuals safe and protect them from theft.


Preventing Illegal Access


In workspaces, access control is especially important for tracking the movement of employees in the event of an incident and for making life easier for your team by allowing them to move between spaces without the presence of security personnel and site managers. It can also reduce business expenses by reducing the need to hire and pay for security personnel to remain on site.

For the private home owner or apartment owner, access control is something that gives you the privacy and security you deserve in your own space. Whether the control is on the exterior of a dumpster, parking lot, public entrance way or your own private apartment, putting up barriers to prevent illegal entry can make a private home more attractive to a tenant or homeowner, and can also provide information and data about who has entered the building and when.


Security of unoccupied property


The value of access control and security is that there are a range of solutions available depending on your budget, needs and how you intend to use access control throughout your site or interior space. In most cases, access control is considered a cost-effective way to improve security and reduce staffing while ensuring that access is only granted to those who are supposed to be in a particular space.


The value of access control is that there are a range of solutions depending on your budget.

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