BIO600 Ten-Finger Optical Fingerprint Scanner

HFSecurity BIO600 Ten-Finger Live Optical Fingerprint Scanner

Product Description

            HFSecurity BIO600 Ten-Finger Optical Fingerprint Scanner represents a cutting-edge solution in the realm of biometric identification. Engineered with precision and efficiency in mind, this advanced scanner is designed to capture high-quality images of all ten fingerprints simultaneously, revolutionizing the fingerprint enrollment process. Employing state-of-the-art optical scanning technology, the BIO600 ensures exceptional accuracy and reliability in fingerprint recognition. This makes it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, including access control systems, time and attendance tracking, and law enforcement purposes where comprehensive fingerprint data is crucial. The scanner’s user-friendly interface simplifies the enrollment process, enhancing its usability for both administrators and end-users. Its robust construction ensures durability, making it suitable for deployment in diverse environments. The BIO600 also offers seamless integration capabilities with industry-standard communication protocols, allowing organizations to incorporate it into their existing security infrastructure effortlessly. In summary, the HFSecurity BIO600 Ten-Finger Optical Fingerprint Scanner is a state-of-the-art biometric device that excels in capturing detailed fingerprints efficiently. With its advanced features and broad applicability, this scanner stands as a reliable and versatile solution for organizations seeking enhanced security through advanced biometric identification technology.  


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Simultaneous Capture:   The device is capable of capturing images of all ten fingers in a single scan. This simultaneous capture speeds up the enrollment and identification process.

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High Image Resolution:  BIO600 typically offers high image resolution, ensuring clear and detailed fingerprint images. High resolution is essential for accurate biometric matching.

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Rolling and Flat Capture:  Support both rolling and flat capture methods. Rolling capture involves rolling each finger from one side to another, while flat capture involves placing fingers flat on the scanning surface.

Ten Print Fingerprint Scanner

Biometric Template Extraction:  BIO600 Ten-Finger Live Scan Optical Fingerprint Scanner extracts unique biometric features from each fingerprint and creates a biometric template. This template is then used for comparison during identification or verification processes.

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Live Scan Technology:  Ten Fingerprint Scanner live scan technology is often utilized to capture high-quality images in real time, enhancing the accuracy of the biometric data.

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Applications:  BIO600 finds applications in various fields, including law enforcement for criminal identification, and civil identification for government purposes.
Ultra-high image quality: The optical distortion-free fingerprint imaging system provides high-fidelity fingerprint images, which is beneficial for extraction.
Powerful collection capabilities: The large capture window size integrates ten-finger flat, single-finger flat, and single-finger rolling capture in one device.
Fast capture speed: The four-finger scanner captures at least 10 FPS and supports real-time finger detection.
High adaptability: Applicable to various types of fingerprints, automatically clears residual fingerprint marks and halo effects, resulting in higher imaging quality. •Durable and shock-resistant: The device features a sturdy design, wear resistance, strong anti-shock and anti-vandalism properties, and is resistant to electrostatic interference, ensuring a long service life.
Easy secondary development: SDK (Software Development Kit) is provided.
Voice control for convenience and intelligence: Supports a buzzer and voice guidance to guide users through the appropriate finger pressing operations.  


  • Product Name
    BIO600 Ten-Finger Optical Fingerprint Scanner
  • Supply Voltage
    5.0V±5% Provided by USB
  • Operating Current
    Typical Value<700mA
  • Interface
  • ESD
    Contact :±8KV; Air:±15KV
  • Operating Temperature
  • Storage Temperature
  • Image
    Image stitching (single finger rolling capture) Image segmentation (four-finger planar capture)
  • Scale
4-2-2 Biometric Fingerprint Scanner              
Biometric 10 fingerprint Scanner
  • Image resolution
  • Capture window size
  • Effective image size
    Single finger ≥32.5mm*32.5mm Four fingers  ≥81.2mm*76.2mm
  • Image pixel count
    Single finger ≥640*640 pixel Four fingers  ≥1600*1500 pixel
  • Capture time
    Single finger ≥25FPS/SEC(≤66ms) Four fingers  ≥10FPS/SEC(≤100ms)
  • NIST
  • Image defect/      pixel defect
    No more than 10 pixels with a diameter of 2 within any 600*600 area
  • Image center deviation
    Deviation between image center and capture window center: X and Y directions both ≤15 pixels
  • Standard
  • System
    Windows, Android,Linux


Ten-fingerprint scanners find a wide range of applications across different industries due to their effectiveness in capturing comprehensive biometric data. Here are some common applications of ten-fingerprint scanners:

Law Enforcement and Criminal Identification: Firstly, ten fingerprint scanners are extensively used by law enforcement agencies for criminal identification. They help in creating and maintaining databases of fingerprints for the accurate identification of individuals involved in criminal activities.

Civil Identification and Government Programs: Additionally, government agencies use ten-fingerprint scanners for civil identification purposes, such as issuing national ID cards, passports, and other government documents. These systems aid in creating and managing citizen databases.

Border Control and Immigration: Moreover, immigration authorities use ten fingerprint scanners at border control points to verify the identity of travelers. These systems contribute to enhanced border security and the prevention of identity fraud.

Financial Transactions: In the financial sector, especially for high-value transactions and access to secure banking facilities, ten-fingerprint scanners may be employed to enhance the security of customer authentication.

Healthcare Industry: In the healthcare industry, ten-fingerprint scanners may be used for patient identification to ensure accurate and secure medical records. Furthermore, they can also be utilized for access control in restricted areas within healthcare facilities.

Education and Examination Centers: Similarly, educational institutions and examination centers may use ten-fingerprint scanners for identity verification during exams or to control access to sensitive areas within the campus.

Forensic Analysis: Lastly, forensic experts use ten fingerprint scanners to analyze fingerprints collected from crime scenes. The technology aids in the identification of individuals involved in criminal activities.

In conclusion, ten-fingerprint scanners play a crucial role across various sectors, providing enhanced security, accurate identification, and efficient management of data.

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