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With the mature development of artificial intelligence technology, face recognition as one of its important components has been widely used in many industries such as scenic spots, enterprises, construction sites, finance, hotels and other areas, bringing great convenience to people. However, in the face of the emerging face recognition technology, some people still have concerns, worrying that it will exist easily cracked situation, one of the more widely circulated is to be able to use photos through face recognition.

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In fact, face recognition is an identification technology based on the biological characteristics of the human face, using a camera or camera to capture images or video streams containing the human face, and automatically detect and track the human face in the image, and then a series of related technologies for face recognition of the detected face, usually also called portrait recognition, facial recognition. In the recognition process of face devices, the 3D dynamic image of a person’s face is generally required to be captured, so face recognition is not possible using 2D photo images. However, it cannot be excluded that some face devices use low-level 2D face recognition technology.

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In the practical application of face recognition, it is important to remember that faces and hairstyles can be changed, but they must not block the face below the eyebrows. In face recognition, it is important to let the camera see your whole face for accurate recognition. For example, facial features such as eye size, nose size, mouth size, whether or not there is a slope, the size of the five eyes, and the distance between them are generally the basis for the face algorithm’s judgement. Depending on the shape of the face there are round, square, melon-shaped, goose-shaped, etc., so it is important to keep a frontal view when recognising them.

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In addition, face recognition is based on real-time acquisition of dynamic face information as the main basis for identification of people.

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