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The gates are more dynamic and can greatly solve the problem of slow traffic flow, it acts as an intelligent detection and intelligent de-cluttering device in many scenarios. What are the classic application scenarios?

1. Business Units and Factories   

Most institutions currently use attendance machines, attendance machines can record personnel access, the current attendance methods are mainly fingerprint attendance, card attendance and iris attendance, etc., However, some enterprises for attendance requirements are not strict, you can use the discretionary check gate, it can play the role of attendance can also count the number of employees, and this kind of gate machine equipment investment is significantly lower than the attendance machine.

face recognition access control with turnstile


2. Medium to Large Sites

The intelligent application of the site is gradually on the agenda, for large sites, the staff team management is extremely difficult, and often site purchases are frequent, accompanied by various types of work in and out, if the use of manual inspection is not only inefficient and does not guarantee safety, so the management of the passage in large sites can solve the security crisis, ticket gate machine service reputation, especially in recent years, China’s relevant departments require the site safety management, which caters to the requirements of the relevant departments.

face recognition access control with turnstile in Construction sites

 3. Scenic Areas

The main types of ticket gates are infrared type and magnetic card, the current scenic gates have been fully applied, even some medium and large scenic spots and 4a scenic spots, such as several gates used together, scenic security work must be in place, and exhibition and tourism venues ticket channel management is also conducive to strengthening the sense of order, to avoid conflicts between scenic managers and tourists, you can customize the ticket gates to achieve a completely intelligent checking tickets.

face recognition access control with turnstile in scenic areas

The above is the application scenario of the gate, in addition to the above several typical applications outside the campus and community, but the ordinary ticket gate can not replace the security of the access control system, and most gates do not have abnormal alarm function, so you should choose the form of gate customization to make it more adaptable to the use of space requirements.

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