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HFSecurity is Going to Show Up at ID4Africa

Recently, as a global biometrics solutions leader Chongqing Huifan Technology Co., Ltd (referred to as HFSecurity) announced that the next 2 months will be the next consecutive participation in Cape Town, South Africa’s ID4Africa exhibition and the Brazilian São Paulo’s Exposec 2024 international security exhibition, to show its cutting-edge biometrics technology and supporting hardware.

HFSecurity 2024 ID4Africa

HFSecurity 2024 ID4Africa booth: C34

HFSecurity will be present in cell C34 at the forthcoming ID4Africa in May. Then, HFSecurity plans to showcase its recently developed biometric technologies and biometric results, including point, face, and iris recognition, win tone, etc., which have high recognition delicacy and strong security and convenience. In addition, HFSecurity will also parade reciprocal biometric tackle products, similar to point scanners, biometric time and attendance access control bias, mobile time and attendance outstations, and biometric enrollment tackle, which integrate the company’s rearmost biometric technologies and will give druggies with a smarter and more accessible living experience.

HFSecurity Exposec 2024

HFSecurity Exposec 2024 Booth: 289B

 HFSecurity Exposec 2024 Booth 289B incontinently after, HFSecurity will again demonstrate its technological strength at Exposec 2024 in Sao Paulo, Brazil on the morning of June. Located at Booth 289B, HFSecurity will punctuate its new KYC result, biometric access control system result, mobile time & attendance result, gate system result, etc. These results integrate various biometric technologies, and through intelligent system design and substantiated services, meet the comprehensive requirements of different guests for safe, accessible, and effective access control systems. At the same time, the company will also parade supporting tackle products, such as intelligent access control outfits, intelligent cinches, etc. These products will bring druggies a safer and more accessible trip experience.

HFSecurity has always been committed to furnishing slice-edge and dependable technology results for global druggies. This exhibition isn’t only to show the company’s specialized strength and product advantages but also to bandy the invention and future of the biometrics assiduity with mates around the world.

 HFSecurity always adheres to the client demand- acquainted and constantly promotes specialized invention and product elevation. HFSecurity also knows the significance of the overseas agent request, the company exhibits not only to show its specialized strength and product advantages, but also to establish near cooperation with global guests, and concertedly promote the development of the biometrics assiduity. thus, the company laboriously explores overseas requests and establishes close collaborative connections with agents all over the world. HFSecurity will formerly again show its specialized strength and product advantages to agents all over the world and looks forward to establishing collaborative connections with further agents to develop a broader request space concertedly.

welcome to HFSecurity ID4Africa Exhibition

During the exhibition, HFSecurity will also organize several specialized exchanges and product experience conditioning, inviting mates to bandy the invention and development of biometrics. At the same time, the company will also give on-point discussions, for the followership and mates to give further comprehensive and professional services. HFSecurity would like to extend a special assignment to global guests, not only welcome to visit HFSecurity’s cell to change ideas but also drink to come to your hostel position during the exhibition to have an in-depth concession with HFSecurity platoon.


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