HF4000 Optical Fingerprint Scanner

HF4000 Optical fingerprint scanner

Product Description

HFSecurity after long-term market research, we have created a brand-new product that is different from its peers. HFSecurity HF4000 optical fingerprint scanner has made great technological breakthroughs because technicians often hold training and technical exchanges to improve professional skills. The launch of a product that perfectly solves the industry’s pain points is that HFSecurity has always adhered to the goal of technological innovation, and the newly developed products perfectly solve the pain points that have been lingering in the industry for a long time. Once launched, they have been enthusiastically sought after by the market.

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China Brand Name: HFSecurity
Model Number: HF4000 Warranty: 1 Year
Resolution: 500 Dpi Special Features: PORTABLE, Biometric
Customized support: Customized logo, OEM, ODM, Software reengineering Model Number:: HF4000 Micro USB Optical Fingerprint Reader
Pixel resolution:: 500dpi Material:: Hard Steel
Image: WSQ Sensor:: Optical Fingerprint Scanner
SDK:: Free O/S:: Wins Android Linux
Certification:: CE FCC Standard: ISO, ANSI template
Warranty:: 1 year    

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HF4000 is a fingerprint scanner with Micro USB and USB 2.0 connection. HF4000 support Android, Wins, Linux. With Optical fingerprint sensor. 

1. Durable: It can be used more than 1,000,000 times

2. Operating System: Andriod, Wins, Linux

3. Compatible With USB1.0&2.0

4. Provide multiple color to meet different needs

5. Provide hardware-based fingerprint matching and storage capabilities

biometric fingerprint scanner for pc


Physical size
74.8 (L) * 50 (W) * 30.8 (H) mm
Operating temperature
-20 ° C to +70 ° C
Working humidity
Operating voltage Working
Up to 140mA
Wins, Android, Linux
For Free, support ASP.NET, JAVA, Active X, Web-based development etc
Fingerprint Sensor
Image Size
Image Resolution
Window Area
17mm * 19mm
Fidelity FRR
False rate FAR
Match Speed
Image Standard
WSQ,BMP and RAW, etc
Fingerprint Standard
ISO19794-2/-4, ANSI378
It can be used more than 1,000,000 times
Good anti-static
> 15KV, for dry weather
USB/ Micro-USB (optional RS232/UART)


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