HF4000Plus Wireless Fingerprint Reader With USB

HF4000Plus Wireless Fingerprint Scanner


The HF4000 Plus wireless fingerprint scanner embodies the perfect blend of portability and state-of-the-art technology. Its compact size enables it to be easily transported and utilized in various environments. Equipped with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, it ensures continuous operation without the need for constant charging, and when it’s time to power up, the convenient USB interface makes it simple—charge and communicate through one port.

What sets the HF4000 Plus apart is its robust hardware-based fingerprint matching and storage capability. This technology enables it to function independently of additional software, streamlining the biometric authentication process. The broad system support—ranging from iOS, Windows, Linux, to Android—makes it incredibly versatile, fitting seamlessly into the diverse tech landscapes of different users.

The HF4000 Plus proudly meets ISO and ANSI international standards, providing a level of assurance in its universal compatibility and performance. For those who are budget-conscious but unwilling to compromise on quality, it stands as an economical choice. Whether it’s for a bustling enterprise environment or for personal use, the HF4000 Plus strikes an admirable balance between cost-effectiveness and reliable performance, bringing sophisticated security within easy reach.

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KEY Features of HF4000Plus Wireless Fingerprint Scanner

HF4000Plus Wireless Fingerprint Reader Specification

Physical size
75 (L) x53.2 (W) x26.5 (H)mm
Operating temperature
-20 ° C to +70 ° C
Working humidity
 0-95% (no condensation)
Operating voltage
3.7V lithium battery (1000mAh), can keep working about 6-8 hours, chargeable battery
Working current
 Up to 100mA
Windows Linux IOS Android
Fingerprint Sensor
Image Size
Image Resolution
Effective Collecting Area
Window Area
21mm * 16mm
Fidelity FRR
False rate FAR
Match Speed
Image Standard
WSQ,BMP and RAW, etc
Fingerprint Standard
 ISO19794-2, ANSI378
Provide comparison library on Windows and Android system, which can support largescale fingerprint matching, such as 1: N alignment of tens of thousands of fingerprints
Micro USB
HF4000Plus Wireless Fingerprint Scanner 01
HF4000Plus live Finger
HF4000Plus Fingerprint Scanner Images
HF4000Plus Fingerprint Scanner battery

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