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HFSecurity Android Biometric Tablet Solution

The rise of multimodal android biometrict tablet  systems


The importance of integrating multimodal biometric systems for large-scale deployments cannot be overstated because of their ability to identify duplicate items, ensure the highest level of identity accuracy, and prevent spoofing or forgery. Consistent with the reality that multimodal biometric systems are almost mandatory in modern deployments is the importance of selecting the appropriate biometric modality that will be used within the system.

With the proliferation of biometric modality options on the market, which are most appropriate and should be used in combination for individual identification? Here’s a scenario but not the only answer: whether the end user has a specified need for the system, what the budget is, the internal and external infrastructure and most importantly what their acceptance of biometrics is and what the perception is. .


Here are a few of Huifan’s Android multimodal biometric product solutions


FP08: The Android multimodal biometric tablet that is both rugged and durable

The HFSecurity FP08 fully rugged Android tablet is just the right size with fast fingerprint scanning capabilities, making it the ideal solution for increasing mobile productivity. Whether you’re working in remote areas or in your car, we’re in the business of keeping your work running solidly and hilariously.

Built to last; power to perform

The HFSecurity FP08 is designed to work whether you drop it, drop it, or tumble it. We also have an optional barcode scanner. Easy to scan and track

Optimal power and connectivity

The quad-core 1.5GHZ processor gives the system the power to run, the latest 4G LTE data signal keeps the network transmitting funny, and the long-lasting battery power keeps you working all day long

Customize your HFSecurity FP08

A range of convenient portability and mounting options make the FP08 Android tablet an ideal choice for maximizing mobile productivity. For example a flexible suction cup can be attached to a table or car, and a strap can be secured in your hand to prevent it from falling off. Likewise we can make a case for it to be mounted outdoors. Waterproof use

Power is power you can rely on

Enough battery power to last the entire shift and beyond

Vibrant 8″ touch screen

Our screens are carefully inspected and details are checked for wording to extremely high clarity, color

Unmatched fingerprint capture performance

Stable TCS1 capacitive fingerprint head for durability, stability, and high-definition image capture


Seamlessly transmit and receive data between external devices

4G LTE wireless wide area network

Enjoy faster download and upload speeds with less loss

802.11 a/b/g/n dual-band WI-FI

Experience ultra-fast connectivity from built-in 802.11/a/b/g/n Wifi

Front and rear megapixel cameras

HFSecurity FP08 has a built-in 13MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera

FP830 Rugged Android multi-mode biometric mobile device

HFSecurity’s FP850 mobile handheld biometric device is designed for organizations that need real-time connectivity to institutional keyword applications and fast fingerprint scanning capabilities anytime, anywhere, in a rugged rubberized enclosure designed to maximize uptime and field productivity

The vivid 8inch 1920*1080 touchscreen display is exceptionally bright, easy to read both indoors and outdoors, and can be used with a finger or stylus.

The field-ready FP850 is built for power and has features that keep personnel connected and productive throughout the day, with biometric fingerprints easily accessible with the help of an integrated application.

Fingerprint sensor:

Front and rear cameras

Android system


HFSecurity FP05 rugged biometric tablet

The FP05 is a rugged biometric tablet that is equipped with an additional protective silicone case in addition to the strict ruggedness standards of the product itself. This biometric tablet was developed for special workplaces, mainly public safety officers, border patrol agents, immigration personnel biometric verification, etc.


System integrators, developers, or other VARs whose applications rely on Google Mobile Services (GMS) can now leverage this platform to achieve seamless processes and productivity. Not all applications need GMS to function, but this is a nice feature for those that rely on it.

FP850 multi android tablet

Updated core hardware introduces newer technology with a fast connection option to transfer data captured in the field.

In addition, the HFSecurity FP850  has multiple modular options. Law enforcement officers can choose between the FBI-certified FAP20 (single finger) or FAP45 (flat roll) fingerprint scanner. In addition, there are functional modules for magnetic stripe reader (MSR), NFC, smart card (CAC), and 2D barcode.If you have your own R&D team, you can even integrate your own hardware into the module and install the software-adapted hardware into the device.

FAP50 Mobile Biometric Device. This rugged 8-inch Android tablet features state-of-the-art luminescent sensor technology that withstands dust, cold, heat, bright light and sunlight, and is unaffected by latent marks.


Designed for stationary or mobile field operations, the FAP850 enables officers to check in, verify and book individuals in any environment. With LES technology, the scanner can capture fingerprints in direct sunlight and is unaffected by latent prints left on the platen. In addition, its superior ruggedness ensures that it will not break at a critical moment.

In addition to the FAP50, the FAP850 meets the requirements of PIV, GSA and FIPS 201. The device comes with an integrated front/rear 5 MP camera, 8″ LCD and 8 INCH touch capacitive touch screen display, wireless, Bluetooth for dust and water resistance, GPS and IP-67 connectors.


FP520 Portable Fingerprint Tablet PC

fp520 is a portable biometric tablet with a wide range of features to meet your diverse biometric enrollment and identification program needs. The device features reliable fingerprint and iris cameras that capture high-quality images and includes a stunning 8-inch HD display. the FP520 also supports multiple communication options including GPRS, 3G, 4G LTE, WIFI and Bluetooth, and features a large 8000mAh battery.


FBI-certified fingerprint scanner with water and dust resistance

Every biometric program needs reliable devices to successfully meet its program requirements. FP520 Biometric tablet is the most reliable biometric tablet on the market, with an IP65 water and dust resistance rating. The device also includes a high-quality optical fingerprint sensor that is FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP20 certified. These provide the accuracy, reliability and durability required for any biometric identity management program.


Biometric tablet with built-in anti-spoofing and live detection

Keep your projects safe from the threat of fingerprint spoofing with the helpful live detection technology . The device is equipped with a powerful Suprema fingerprint sensor that distinguishes between fake and real fingers.


The handheld biometric tablet

Combined with Huifan’s mobile application platform, the FP series biometric handhelds allow you to work with maximum performance, flexibility in collecting biometric data, and speed in matching results. The 5-inch touchscreen high-resolution display runs on Android, ARM Cortex quad-core processor,

The biometric tablet with the longest battery life


The FP520 android tablet can support extended field use on a full charge. Up to 8000mAh Li-ion can protect your project 。 This prevents you from losing work time due to power shortages for that all-important biometric enrollment or identification project.

FP07 7 inch Fingerprint Attendance Handheld Biometric Tablet