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What are the Types of Biometrics Identification?

Biometric identification system is a kind of pattern recognition system, which can match the fixed characteristics of the probe image with the stored image, for our general traditional identification methods such as ID card, passport, etc., these are to be able to determine the identity with the help of foreign objects, if lost or stolen, it is easy to be impersonated by other people, making their own losses, and biometric identification compared to the traditional identification The identification method makes our identity more secure, not a random person can steal, also makes our identity more private, security, security, that we have understood what are the biometric technology.

1. Face Recognition

In fact, face recognition technology is through the characteristics of the human face, through biometric equipment to the image of the face to collect the main organs, contours, texture, structure, and then according to this series of information, more in-depth to extract the identity characteristics contained in the face of the character, in fact, face recognition is not new to everyone, because with the continuous progress of the times, cell phones, door locks, payment methods In fact, face recognition is not new to everyone, because with the continuous progress of the times, mobile phones, door locks, payment methods, are able to use this technology, but also we can generally use in life.

2. Iris Recognition

Iris recognition is the technology that produces less interference to people in biometric identification related to eyes, it uses ordinary camera originals, and does not need to be used for contact with machines, recognition is convenient and efficient, compared to other biometric technologies, iris recognition false recognition rate and rejection rate has reached the level of zero chance of recognition, and the iris is unique to each person, with irreproducible uniqueness, security is currently However, the application price of iris technology is expensive compared to other identification technologies.

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3. Fingerprint Recognition

Each fingerprint has several unique measurable feature points, each feature point has seven features, the human ten fingers can produce at least 4900 independent measurable features, fingerprint recognition technology is through the analysis of fingerprint measurable feature points, from which the feature value is extracted, and then authentication, now many companies have adopted the function of fingerprint punch card, and many smart machines have realized the fingerprint Among all the biometric technologies, fingerprint identification is the most widely used one at present, and the technology is constantly innovating, although each person’s fingerprint recognition is unique, but it does not apply to every Although each person’s fingerprint identification is unique, but does not apply to every industry, every person.

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4. Vein Recognition

Vein recognition system is the first through the vein recognition instrument to obtain personal vein distribution map, from the vein distribution map according to the special contrast algorithm to extract the characteristic value, through the infrared CCD camera to obtain the finger, palm, hand back vein image, the vein digital image stored in the computer system, the characteristic value stored, the vein contrast is, real-time take the vein map, extract the characteristic value, using advanced filtering, image Binarization and refinement means to extract features from digital images, compare with the vein features stored in the host, use complex matching algorithm to match the vein features, so as to identify the individual and confirm the identity, nowadays vein identification has four main features: highly anti-counterfeit, easy to use, fast identification and high speed and accuracy.

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