Which Biometric Technology Has Good Development Prospect

At present, the mainstream biometric technologies are face, iris, vein, fingerprint, etc.

1.Face recognition technology

Face recognition is based on the physical characteristics of the human face realized through the analysis of face image collection. The advantage of face recognition technology is that it can realize the collection of your face without your knowledge, and in order to prevent the use of picture recognition through, artificial intelligence technology companies will use dynamic face recognition algorithm to carry out identity authentication.

Face Recognition Access Control system

2. Iris recognition technology

The iris is a circular part located between the black pupil and the white sclera, which contains many interlocking spots, filaments, crowns, stripes, crypt foci, and other detailed features. The iris fixes its shape at 8 months of life and will not change without other factors, and these features determine the uniqueness of iris features and the uniqueness of identification.

Therefore, iris recognition can be achieved by using the iris features of the eye as the object of identification for each person and by capturing the iris image using a camera.

The advantage of iris recognition technology is that its crowd adaptability is very good, except for blind people, almost everyone can use it, and at the same time its recognition rate and rejection rate is almost the better among all biometric technologies.

iris recognition access control system

3. Vein recognition technology

Vein recognition technology is a newly emerged biometric identification technology in the last decade, which uses the cells in human blood to have a special absorption effect on infrared light.

Features:High security, is also relatively good in all mainstream biometric identification technology at present, others are unable to bionic forgery technology is also very difficult to achieve, no need to contact, so will not come into contact with bacterial infection, there is no a case about bionic vein identification, is a mainstream direction of future biometric identification.

vein recognition access control system

4. Fingerprint recognition

Fingerprint Recognition is a kind of identification technology based on the difference of fingerprint form on the surface of finger, fingerprint is actually the texture formed by the distribution of sweat gland on the surface of human finger, it is a widely used biometric identification technology at present, such as our current smartphone, time attendance, etc.

fingerprint recognition access control

In the future, artificial intelligence will be everywhere in people’s lives, artificial intelligence technology will empower more and more industries and make them more optimized, under the new situation of continuous innovation and development and intelligent integration.


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