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Intelligent construction has begun to use data and Internet and other technologies to enhance management efficiency, convenient technology to bring the safety, comfort and convenience of the environment has become the ideal goal we seek, the same time the concept of safety production has become a household name, we are also becoming increasingly high norms of safety production, in the construction industry with frequent personal accidents, how to protect the lives of construction workers on site, and its site Construction building materials, equipment and other assets preservation is the primary task of concern to the construction side, face recognition access control system can solve these.

1、Real-time monitoring

When personnel enter and exit by swipe card or by fingerprint, face recognition, the administrator can view the personnel photo, name, card number, department and other information in real time through the background software.

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2、Swipe the card to take pictures

Site face recognition access control system can be installed at the entrance and exit cameras, and site access control system linkage, when personnel swipe the card or press the fingerprint, face recognition, computer software will capture a photo, real-time display of personnel photos, names, card numbers, departments, can be captured photos and the original registered photos for comparison, to prevent someone from swiping the card on behalf of the situation.

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3、LED screen linkage control

Site access control system at the entrance and exit access LED display, when the personnel in and out of the card or by fingerprint, face recognition, real-time display through the personnel name, work number, entry time, etc., but also can display the total number of people in the field, the number of people leaving, the number of people left in the site, when no one card, can be set in the idle time, in the LED screen to display a welcome message, notes, construction progress and other information. The display content can be customized.

4、Area number monitoring

Site face recognition access control system has a detailed personnel statistics function, the system will real-time statistical analysis of each area present cardholder data, quickly generate the list of cardholders present, display the cardholder’s photo when entering the site, once the accident, in time to grasp the hand information, convenient for management personnel to find abnormal access personnel, timely and accurate detection of abnormalities.

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