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Now, people pay more and more attention to information security, property security, personal security, with the development of science and technology and artificial intelligence, access control system is also upgraded, some door cards replaced by fingerprint identification, but, with the increasingly high requirements for security, fingerprint identification security also exists some risks, such as fingerprint identification will be affected by some environment or external substances such as oil, water, etc. caused by the recognition can not even some people fingerprint Features less, or because of peeling, wounds and other problems exist identification difficulties; In addition, there is a point is that fingerprints can also be copied, causing fingerprint identification also exists a certain risk, therefore, in order to improve security verification, in the use of biometric technology, also to many aspects of consideration, nowadays, by the attention of high, widely used to belong to – Face recognition access control system.

Community population concentration, complex personnel access, both friends and relatives, courier delivery, but also unknown strangers, due to the large flow of people, management personnel energy problems, entrance and exit management has been less than ideal, coupled with magnetic card loss, password leakage, fingerprint theft and other problems can not be effectively resolved, many illegal elements to take advantage of the opportunity to infiltrate, resulting in frequent security incidents in the community, face recognition access control system, combined with Face recognition, face comparison, Internet of things and other technologies to achieve identity cross-verification, to assist community management personnel accurate user identity, due to the intuitive face and not easy to be copied characteristics, face recognition access control system can effectively block strangers to enter and exit the community at will, as far as possible to reduce the frequency of community security incidents, strengthen the community security system, with the rapid development of face recognition technology, face recognition access control system With the rapid development of face recognition technology, the optimization of face recognition access control system goes even further.

After the face recognition access control system is put into application, new users only need to grade the face information at the community management office and can enter and exit freely, which greatly saves the cost of community personnel change management.

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