X05 Iris Face Access Control Time Attendacne Device

X05 Face Iris Time Attendacne Access Control Device
             The HF-X05 Iris Face Access Control Time Attendance Device is a comprehensive security system designed to enforce access control measures for facilities or restricted areas. This advanced system combines multiple methods of authentication, including iris recognition, facial recognition, fingerprint scanning, and NFC card technology.  The core component of this system is a sophisticated device that captures and analyzes the individual’s distinct iris pattern, specifically, the colored part surrounding the pupil. By utilizing this advanced iris recognition technology, the system is able to verify the identity of each individual seeking access accurately. Consequently, this ensures a high level of security and reliability for the access control process. By comparing the captured iris pattern with the pre-registered data, the device grants or denies access accordingly.   In addition to iris recognition, the device also incorporates facial recognition technology, which analyzes unique facial features for an additional layer of verification. Furthermore, the system includes a fingerprint scanner, enabling individuals to authenticate themselves by scanning their fingerprints. Additionally, NFC (Near Field Communication) card technology allows for quick and convenient access using compatible cards or devices.   By leveraging these various authentication methods, the HF-X05 Iris Face Fingerprint NFC Card Recognition Access Control Device offers a high level of security and accuracy in access control scenarios. This multi-modal approach ensures reliable and efficient verification of individuals, enhancing the overall security and control of the facility or area in question.  

X05 Face Access Control Product Feature

xo5 face access control device
Multi-function recognition ways:
1. Recognition way: a. Face+card/Face+fingerprint+card b. Fingerprint+card c . IRIS+card/IRIS+fingerprint+card  
2. Communication:  Standard 4G, WIFI, GPS, TCP/IP, Bluetooth
3. Power System: Built-in POE support, built-in battery(3-6hours), DC Charge
4. Relay, Wiegend, RS232, USB all interfaces for access control
5. Complete SDK for further development and integration
6.  Full-opened Android 11 system, easy for software development /integration  
Can be applied anywhere, mining, school, factory, building, Construction site, government offices.    

X05 Iris Face Access Control Product Details

biometric face iris nfc card access control 

RFID Card Support read and write; Cover more than 100 types card, optional ID card too.   X05 multiple authentication methods  

X05 facial recognition attendance software

HFSecurity X05 iris recognition access control Iris Face Recognition Access Control System

  HFSecurity X05 time attendance access control CPU   HFSecurity X05 WIFI 4G Bluetooth Access control  

Network Communication  Standard 4G, WIFI, can work well in some bad network or inconvenient network application area.   X05 Face Fingerprint Recongition access control   HFSecurity X05 Large capacitve 

Large capacity Standard 2GB/16GB of RAM/RM, can optional 4GB/64GB with bulk quantity. Large capacity ensure its working speed. Also can support store the data in the device.     x05 iris recognition access control fast identification       X05 face attendcnce access control with visual intercom function         X05 Face Recogntion Time Attendance Access Control with SMS Function Android Facial Recognition Access Control System with Built-in POE Function 

X05 Face  Access Control Time Attendance Access Control with SMS Function                                                                                                      

Android Facial Recognition Access Control System with Built-in POE Function   

Support SMS function, friendly for school application, like school bus, when child take the bus sign in the fingerprint or card, send messages to parents for knowing their safe status; Also can send attendance messages and time to admin of a company for easier know employee attendance data.  

Product Advantages

NEWEST Full Open Face IRIS Access Control    

Software and SDK

Face access control secondary development 

Android 11 Operation System Full open android system, easily for users develop or integrate to own application. X05 face recognition accecc control SDK API   5 inch Android FULL OPEN Face Access Control FREE SDK   

With an SDK document available, you can easily perform software integration or develop new software. Additionally, to enhance efficiency and reliability, the system offers cloud management for face time attendance and access control. For schools, normally you can develop to sending sms to parents or teachers once students check in or check out.  


  • Product Name
  • Screen
    5 inch
  • Dimension
  • Net weight
  • Biometric Capacity
    20000 faces 20000 fingerprints 100000 cards 50000 iris
  • Logs
    1,000,000(auto override)
  • Detecting Distance
    Face: 0-4 meters, adjustable IRIS: 0.5-1 meter
  • Cameras
    Face recognition & IRIS : Binocular, RGB camera & Infrared camera, to reject photos & videos
  • RGB & Infrared Camera
    Progressive scan CMOS 480*272 Resolution 62° Field angle 3.5mm Focal length F2.8 Aperture Support white balance Support exposure 1.0 Mega Pixels resolution
X05 Iris face recognition distance              
X05 face attendance access built-in POE function
  • Communication
    TCP/IP, WIFI, 4G, USB, GPS, Ble, Wiegand input&output, Relay
  • Ruggedness
    IP45, Kind of waterproof and dustproof, suitable for outdoor usage
  • CPU
    MT8768, Octa-core 2.3GHz 2GB
  • RAM
    2G (Optional 4G or more)
  • ROM
    16GB (Optional 32G or more)
  • Battery
    Built-in 4.3V/3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Operate System
    Android 11 system 
  • Biometric Recognition
    Face or IRIS(choose 1 from 2), fingerprint  card reader (ISO/IECC1443 Type A&B, 13.56MHz)
  • Interface
    USB2.0, RJ45, Wiegand input, Wiegand output, RS232/485
  • POE
    optional built-in POE 


X05 Face Access Control use in SCHOOL   

For schools, the X05 provides SMS alarm support, thereby making management easier for school staff and ensuring worry-free days for parents. Meanwhile, in factories, it integrates with HR and payroll systems and additionally comes with an open-source system and free SDK, thus enhancing operational efficiency and flexibility. Additionally, for construction sites, it features a built-in 3000mAh battery, GPS for real-time location tracking, and 4G (dual SIM card) for real-time data transfer. Moreover, for high-security places, the device combines Face/IRIS recognition, Fingerprint, and NFC card capabilities all in one, available for double verification.

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