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The product performs stably in shock and vibration resistance. It is not affected by thunder and lightning, collision, or impact.

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Face recognition intelligent time and attendance management system, using human biometric face recognition for identity security identification, with irreplaceable, irreproducible and unique, its use of high-tech digital image processing, biometric and Kuangji facial algorithms and other technologies for employee attendance, is a new generation of intelligent time and attendance management system in line with modern attendance requirements. 

Face recognition intelligent attendance management system replaces IC and ID card function with finger, it uses the uniqueness and invariability of human face recognition to provide users with safe and reliable encryption means, and when using it, it only needs to put the finger flat on the collection window of face recognition collector to complete attendance swipe operation, which is very easy to operate. 

Because of the uniqueness of face recognition and the inability to borrow, it can avoid the phenomenon of employees punching cards for each other. Through face recognition attendance machine and management system to collect, summarize and analyze the staff attendance data, fully realize the automation and accuracy of the enterprise staff related data statistics and information query process; convenient for staff to report on and off duty, convenient for management personnel to count and assess staff attendance, convenient for management department to query and assess the attendance rate of each department; effectively manage and master the personnel flow.

Biometric Face Recognition

Biometric Attendance Features

Face recognition: the use of face key area positioning method, its high accuracy, good security, generally using a special double camera, the use of three-dimensional face technology, recognition performance greatly exceeds the two-dimensional face recognition, completely non-contact, can avoid bacterial infection, more health and hygiene

2D code recognition: using professional sweeping dock, can support 1D code, 2D code, PDF417 code, professional 2D code scanning head, to meet different functions

Mask recognition:

3DAI facial algorithm, can support mask recognition, avoiding secondary pollution. And recognition performance is not limited by the color of the mask, good reliability

Body temperature detection: Special time can be optional with temperature detection machine, no manual measurement of body temperature, work efficiency is improved, the company’s profit is reduced, and safety is improved.


Certification verification: For high-level places out of the authority, you can take a variety of combinations, face + card, double authentication. Effectively enhance the security level of special places

Voice playback: more than 20 kinds of real voice broadcast, friendliness; real voice prompt face image whether the verification success

Whitelist comparison: Different levels of groups, you can set whitelist. Company bosses can be whitelisted without attendance or punching cards, and whitelisted people do not need to take attendance and punch cards to enter a certain place.


Live detection:

Live detection can reject attendance in the form of video, photo and other non-real people. Improve the accuracy of attendance

Attendance system:

Upload user name list, download access control records and photos via USB flash drive

Data transfer:

Using 4G, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, wifi and other transmission methods to synchronize data to the server, synchronize data regularly, save data in time, and facilitate later viewing. It can also clear the data for a long time to improve the efficiency of the device.


Can be used independently:

No need to connect to computer, it can complete the functions of personnel registration, face attendance, storage records, etc.

Power failure use:

The device comes with UPS power supply, even if there is a sudden power failure, or in the case of no power supply outdoors, it can still be used. This is the market access control products are needed to solve the problem


The above can be summarized as the following four major advantages performance. 


non-release identification, to avoid cross-infection


wide range of people


non-contact use, no wear and tear


face recognition, to prevent the generation of punch card. Adopt binocular three-dimensional face recognition technology, twins can also be recognized, not affected by indoor and outdoor light, can also be recognized in the dark


False recognition rate is less than 1 in 100,000


If you have the following confusion, then you need to consider getting a biometric face time and attendance system

Punch card

Poor recognition

many shifts

Wrong attendance sheet

Difficult to operate

Slow recognition speed

Small storage space

Biometric Face Recognition


Biometric Face Recognition Attendance System

Biometric facial attendance system solution

Biometric facial attendance system solution

Technology used

AI face recognition algorithm: The human face is composed of parts such as eyes, nose, mouth, chin, etc. It is because of the various differences in the shape, size and structure of these parts that each face in the world is so different, so the geometric description of the shape and structural relationship of these parts can be an important feature for face recognition



Industries used







Application Support

Cloud-based Software

Local Network

Mobile Apps

Biometric Face Recognition Solution

Installation Method

Wall Mount





How to choose a biometric supplier

The benefit of choosing a biometric manufacturer outweighs the biometric distributor, who is far inferior to the manufacturer in terms of after-sales, development. How to determine if your choice is a manufacturer


Factory direct price,

if the price is higher than the same price on the market, but there is no product characteristics of the machine, the general situation is the dealer, the dealer needs profit

Support for small quantities, the factory and its own R & D team, production lines, so even small orders can be done, while the dealer is a unified order, prone to stock shortages

Large quantities support ODM/OEM support. Large orders are often strong enough to be undertaken by the factory, if the judgment of large quantities of a very long lead time, that needs to be considered again


Direct local delivery,

local delivery, rather than off-site delivery. First of all, to confirm the factory as well as the company’s address of where, whether it is shipped locally, not locally shipped machines are often second forwarding


Hardware and software patents,

to determine whether a company has the ability to also consider the company’s software and hardware patents, have their own appearance patents, software development capabilities, the ability to invent companies are generally not too bad


Professional after-sales service,

the most important thing is to examine the company’s after-sales capabilities, can not buy the machine after the disappearance. Whether the technical team is introduced on the official website, and whether the technical team is involved in the negotiations, as well as to give professional advice


Field factory inspection,

field factory inspection is the fastest as well as the most effective action, if you can not come to the field can invite video conferencing, real-time visits, as well as the third level verification agency to help you verify. After all, the money of the verification agency will be less than the loss due to product loss

Facial recognition is legal or not


Scenario Case Study I


Purchase instructions:

Buyers should ask the manufacturer for detailed information about the inventory of goods, the choice of accessories, and the configuration of functions before purchasing. Ensure that the purchased features and the actual delivery is consistent


After-sales instructions

Shipping instructions:

To confirm with the biometric manufacturer the form of packaging for shipping, whether the need for secondary packaging, whether it can help double-clearance, home delivery, etc.

Shipping instructions:

Before shipping: 

you need to let the manufacturer send packaging pictures, test videos and pictures to confirm that the machine can be used successfully, and send packaging pictures, even after receiving the pictures, the package problems, but also to quickly solve the problem


warranty time, warranty time for how long, warranty time enough if the repair, how to calculate the cost of reasoning


Frequently Asked Questions

How about the face through the recognition rate

Face equipment recognition speed is very fast, less than 1 second to complete

Whether the face recognition equipment can be used normally at night

Face recognition using infrared cameras, binocular stereo recognition algorithm, the night can be used as usual

Which parts of the face are mainly captured by the face recognition equipment

When using face recognition, always keep the eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows and forehead unobstructed.Of course, some devices can support mask devices, even if the blocked mouth and nose can also be recognized

Whether the face recognition time and attendance equipment is equipped with management software as standard

The standard management software of face recognition equipment is “local version”, “cloud version” and “access control software”.

Whether face recognition attendance software can have cell phone version

Of course, face recognition time and attendance software can be downloaded from apple, google, and the function is as convenient as cloud software.

Is face recognition time and attendance software free?

Software are free

Is it possible to use face recognition without power?

Yes FR08 with UPS Battery

How to download the report of face recognition device?

U disk, or cloud software