Face Recognition Access Control System in the Application of Recognition Speed | HFSecurity

In recent years, with the face recognition is widely used, I believe we are not unfamiliar with this, that is based on biometric technology, through the human body characteristics of the identification equipment, face recognition access control system has the function of internal and external personnel triage management, the main advantages of these items.

1. Internal and external personnel triage management, VIP visitor experience upgrade

Intelligent face recognition greatly saves the time of personnel access, and the visit of the personnel can be managed in an orderly manner. For VIP visitors, the administrator can enter the image in the face database in advance, so that visitors do not need to register when they visit, and they can directly brush their faces to pass, which can enhance the image of corporate visits.

face recognition access control system

2. Infrared face recognition, security upgrade under high accuracy rate

The use of infrared face recognition technology, strong anti-interference, can reduce the impact of external environment and location such as light, accurate extraction of face attributes for real dynamic comparison, identification error is greatly reduced, when the person fails to match the information in the database can not enter, which ensures the security of the entering personnel, unregistered outsiders and non-bank personnel can not impersonate others to enter, even if the photo of others also It is impossible to brush the face to pass the gate.

face recognition access control system camera

3. Multi-entry data interconnection to achieve cross-door management

Face recognition access control system function role a lot, the same company has more than one entrance, can be assembled more than one face gate, different areas of the face gate has a unified database and terminal management platform, so that each area of the face gate to achieve data interconnection, and the unified management of multiple entrances, specifically to the unified management of different companies, will also be based on the actual situation to develop a corresponding custom face gate solutions.

face recognition access control system in office