HFSceurity self-developed COVID Testing Kiosk into Trial

HFSecurity COVID testing kiosk

COVID testing kiosk developed by HFSecurity was put into trial in Singapore, and through the scale of trial experience for data collection, feedback, to facilitate further improvement, optimization and enhance the performance of the equipment.

The birth of COVID testing kiosk is another major achievement of HFSecurity’s innovation work, HFSecurity invented, HFSecurity created, its standardization, intelligence, convenience, safety was initially verified, will greatly reduce the epidemic detection of human, material and financial resources investment.

Not long ago, 50 sets of COVID testing kiosk have been put into Singapore nucleic acid detection sampling points. “With the voice prompt of the equipment, I finished the sample collection in a minute or so. I believe that this sampling self-service equipment will be more convenient and practical.” Mark, who just finished his experience, said happily.

COVID testing kiosk

Since the epidemic, intelligent and convenient nucleic acid sampling is a problem that countries around the world are trying to solve. Huifan Technology has given full play to its advantages in 17 years of independent research and development, formed a professional team and actively carried out the development and trial of intelligent nucleic acid sampling equipment, and achieved initial results. COVID testing kiosk R&D team has overcome more than 10 key core technologies, and formed a series of intellectual property patents. At present, COVID testing kiosk has the functions of “self-service single picking, intelligent guidance, automatic discharge of testing reagents, automatic recovery of sampling tubes, etc. Its efficiency is greatly improved compared with manual sampling, reducing a large number of personnel input, solving the pain point of low efficiency of nucleic acid sampling and testing, and the material after testing is not collected centrally and needs to be collected twice. Realize “anytime, anywhere, everyone can collect”.

COVID testing kiosk in Singapore

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