HFSecurity is Stunningly Presented at Canton Fair 2023 | HFSecurity

HFSecurity is stunningly presented at Canton Fair 2023, and its intelligent products are highly appreciated by global exhibitors.

On October 15, 2023, the 134th China import and export commodities fair officially opened, attracting many domestic and foreign exhibitors, buyers, the rising atmosphere of cooperation, showing the world’s businessmen on China’s foreign trade to the good expectations. Canton fair import exhibition exhibitors from 43 countries and regions, including the “belt and road” co-built countries exhibitors accounted for about 60%. Ltd. was invited to participate in the exhibition.

HFSecurity in 134th China import and export Fair

HFSecurity in the fingerprint, face and iris recognition technology with deep R & D strength and rich application experience. Core products include PDA handheld devices, smart locks and smart home products, etc. Through the use of advanced biometric identification technology, we can provide users with more convenient and secure identity authentication solutions. At the exhibition, we will show the full range of product features and performance advantages, to help industry users to improve the level of security protection. At the same time also open online and offline synchronous live broadcast.

HFSecurity live broadcast

On the booth, the staff of huifan science and technology warmly receives each customer, and application automation solution. The customer from Europe for the sinks sail science and technology advanced biometrics security solution shows the strong interest.

HFSecurity show to them demonstrated the biometric security system’s convenience and intelligent degree, as well as the application of biometric security solutions. They expressed high appreciation for Huifan Technology’s technical strength and product innovation in the field of biometrics.

At the same time, customers from Asia and North America also showed great interest in our industrial automation solutions. They paid attention to our production line automation, robotics and data analytics applications, and learned in detail how HFSecurity’s solutions can improve production efficiency and reduce costs. Many customers have expressed that they would like to cooperate with HFSecurity and introduce HFSecurity’s technology and equipment to enhance their competitiveness.

In addition to specific product consultation, HFSecurity also with come to observe the exhibition customer in-depth communication, discuss cooperation opportunities and future development trend. And shared the latest news and innovation trends in the industry, and customers think together how to deal with market challenges and realize sustainable development. Provide customers with more advanced, high-quality intelligent technology and intelligent automation solutions to promote global cooperation and development.