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Face Iris Recognition Attendance Access is a technology that uses biometric identification to track and manage attendance, and provide secure access to restricted areas. The system combines the use of facial recognition and iris recognition to ensure highly accurate identification of individuals. Here’s how it works:

1. Enrollment: The first step in using the Face Iris Recognition Attendance Access system is to enroll individuals into the system. During enrollment, a person’s facial and iris data are captured using a specialized camera. The data obtained from the individual’s facial features and iris patterns are then converted into a digital template, which is stored in a database.

2. Detection: When an individual approaches the attendance access point, the facial recognition camera detects and captures the person’s face. This initial detection is performed to focus on the user’s face and locate the position of the eyes.

Iris dection

3. Iris capture: Once the person’s face is detected, the system uses an iris recognition camera to capture the person’s eye image, particularly focusing on the unique patterns of the iris.

Multifunction TYPE-A TYPE-B Card Access Atendance

4. Feature extraction and comparison: The captured iris image is then processed, and the relevant features are extracted to create a digital template. The system compares the generated template with the stored templates in the database to find a match.

5. Verification and authentication: If a match is found in the database, the system verifies the individual’s identity and grants them access to the premises or records their attendance. In the case of a mismatch or an error, access is denied, and the person may be prompted to try again or use alternative methods for identification.

6. Logging and reporting: The Face Iris Recognition Attendance Access system records the individual’s attendance or access information, including timestamps, date, and entry/exit details. This information can be later used for generating reports, monitoring employee attendance, and ensuring compliance with security protocols.

Face Iris Recognition Attendance Access systems are employed in various sectors, including corporate offices, educational institutions, and high-security zones to enhance the accuracy and security of attendance management and access control

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