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On the morning of February 1, 2023, Zhang Min, the director of Jiangbei District Science and Technology Bureau of Chongqing, Long Wanxi, the deputy director, and his party came to our company for investigation. Our CEO Mike Wang expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the leaders, and accompanied to visit the exhibition hall to learn more about our company’s enterprise development layout, production and sales workflow and other situations. And held a forum in the company conference room, at which the two sides made in-depth exchanges and communication on the current situation of the security industry, the development of the company, and the cooperation between the two sides.

During the meeting, Chairman Wang Gaoxin introduced in detail the product technology development of the company in recent years (fingerprint scanner, facial recognition solution, time and attendance access control, fingerprint platform, KYC, etc.), and Marketing Director Cao Changyu introduced in detail some updates and layouts of the company in the market segment in recent years, from the business direction (we never stop training our business, we always uphold a philosophy, professional ability, top HFSECURITY has made some changes from the business direction (we never stop training our business, we always uphold a philosophy, professional ability, top service, is the best respect to customers), market  direction (Southeast Asia, Africa, European market, international projects (fingerprint election, telecommunication engineering, KYC, facial recognition program).

Mr. Wang said at the meeting that Huifan Technology, as a biometric industry and trade integrated enterprise, has “Internet + import and export” comprehensive business capabilities and deep service advantages, providing professional services to overseas buyers. At present, the company has established long-term and stable strategic partnership with more than 1100 overseas customers, this visit to Thailand and Malaysia, also reached cooperation intentions with many customers, the future Huifan Technology will adhere to the market demand-oriented, focus on biometric solutions services, further enhance the R & D capabilities, enhance the competitiveness of the company in the market.

After listening to the introduction, Director Zhang expressed high recognition to Huifan Technology in terms of technical talents, scientific research investment, market achievements and enterprise strength. He said, enterprises want to be stronger and bigger, must adhere to the “scientific innovation, people-oriented” “innovation never-ending” development concept, increase the enterprise’s innovation and research, improve independent research and development capabilities, strengthen the awareness of intellectual property protection, with scientific and technological innovation to promote the enterprise to We hope that Huifan Technology will continue to make further efforts, continue to increase its R&D efforts, improve its innovation capability, further improve its core competitiveness, and add to the development of science and technology innovation in our region!

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