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In recent years, with the booming development of face technology, face gates are widely used in various scenarios. Face recognition technology is widely used in the access control system identification system, will greatly improve the security, accuracy and simplicity of the access control system. I believe that many friends who have played weak electricity have been in contact with the construction and installation of engineering related to access gates. Let’s take a look at the use of face recognition access control system.

  The scope of application of face access gates

  Today, face recognition access control machine in many areas instead of manual real-name registration system verification, can achieve efficient, convenient and accurate access management, reduce artificial management costs. The use of face recognition gates, combined with the actual management situation, in this case, all the people who design the access control area have to brush their faces to pass. The system can effectively prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the district at will, ensuring internal security and undisturbed rest work. The system can effectively control the order of personnel traffic, make the entrance and exit traffic orderly, and facilitate the management of personnel access. It can effectively combine human defense and technical defense to achieve the ideal management goal and facilitate clear triage management of entrances and exits.

Facial recognition access

Facial Attendance Access Control

 1. At airports, railway stations, customs and other public transportation occasions. Face recognition combined with the verification of ID card real-name registration system enables passengers to check-in or self-check-in instead of manual checking. The recognition is fast and improves the convenience of passenger travel.

 2. Installing face recognition gates in office buildings can realize intelligent offices. Users can say goodbye to the traditional card swipe method and only need to recognize the face to enter and exit. This not only strengthens the management and service of the office building, but also enhances the user experience. At the same time, enterprises and properties can also use the data collected through the gates to optimize management solutions.

 3. The application of face recognition access control in the community makes the security measures in the community more technological. Replacing the role of security guards, identity recognition is more accurate and complete than security guards. It can better create convenient passages for the residents of the district and prevent outsiders from entering illegally. Residents do not have to worry about finding their cards when they are carrying big bags, forgetting to bring them or losing their door cards. As long as they show their faces, they can enter the door, which is very convenient and can also enhance the residents’ sense of security.

 4. Face recognition applied to construction site system. The system adopts face recognition technology, swiping face in and out of the construction site, allowing more than one person to pass through at the same time, with fast recognition speed, high recognition rate, large face capacity and easy to use. It also avoids the occurrence of staff forgetting or losing the card, others holding the card to brush and so on.



The advantages of face recognition access control

  1. Non-contact

  Face verification process does not need to touch the device or terminal, and fingerprints, punch cards are completely different. Strong experience, equipment do not often touch, high stability, low failure rate.


  The first perception of human object feature recognition is transmitted back to the brain through the senses of the eyes. Face recognition technology is the process of computer learning the human senses back to the brain in depth. Therefore, compared with other biometric technologies, face recognition technology is more natural in use and experience, does not require other object features, and will not be lost or copied.

     3. Fast recognition speed and high accuracy rate.

  With the development of computer technology, the speed of face recognition can be improved to 0.3 seconds for one person under the comparison of fixed sample database. The face changing behavior of different angles, wearing glasses and makeup can also be modified by adjusting the face recognition algorithm.

  4. It is difficult to disguise deception

Face Recognition turnstile

Face recognition turnstile

  Dynamic analysis of the face in the system video to determine whether it is a real face can effectively identify counterfeit fraudulent means such as HD photos, PS, 3D models and face changing. And ensure that the passerby is a real person.

  With the maturity of face recognition technology, the development of security access control has entered a new era of intelligence. Face recognition technology not only facilitates access and reduces cumbersome procedures, but also greatly improves security and building control.


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