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In this new era that encourages innovation and progress, artificial intelligence has received unprecedented attention. With its expanding influence and corresponding applications, it has been constantly happening in our daily life. Among them, the one most closely related to our lives is the instant face recognition attendance system based on face recognition technology. 

At present, in order to strengthen security management, many communities, office buildings and universities in China are gradually upgrading their access control and using the emerging face recognition time and attendance systems as guards to protect the security of buildings.

Face Attendance use in office

 However, most of the access control systems in the security defense system still operate in the mode of swiping access cards. Residents need to carry their access cards with them when entering and leaving the building. Fingerprint verification has indeed made great progress compared with access cards, but when it comes to fingerprint identification cracks, water damage, dust and other phenomena, or even shallow fingerprint identification, it can also be impossible to open the door because it cannot be touched. 

Therefore, in the case of obvious shortage of traditional access control unlocking mode, face recognition attendance system gradually becomes popular and becomes the first choice of building security management. According to professionals, face recognition technology is a computer research field. A popular technology, it has the advantages of uniqueness of basic biological characteristics, non-contact, non-compulsory, concurrency and so on. 

For a long time, face recognition has been following the market’s footsteps. The aim is to research and develop a face recognition system and, based on this, to introduce a solution that integrates access control and visitors. Consumers can unlock the access control directly by swiping their faces when passing through the building. The solution uses the basic features of the human face to complete identity verification and avoid direct contact between the human body and the machine. 

Customers who have registered their face data information will have their real-time facial images automatically captured by the HD camera in front of the system. They can be released after high-speed comparison with the data on the management backend interface. In visitor management, it can effectively avoid the situation that no one receives visitors after they visit. The strict management of incoming and outgoing personnel makes the building access control more secure and reliable. 

At the same time, face recognition time and attendance system cannot effectively solve the problem of employees clocking in and out of work by means of fingerprint verification and face recognition. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of attendance, face recognition time and attendance system can be used to solve the problem. At the same time, the face recognition attendance system also makes the access control attendance system more convenient and fast, and realizes unattended automatic door opening.

In order to reduce the flow of personnel, realize data sharing and avoid duplication of work, while reducing human resource costs. The face recognition facial access control system has greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of data. In addition, the system can realize remote data transmission and sharing functions to improve the office efficiency of the management. By using face recognition time and attendance system, enterprises can effectively avoid the security risks brought by personnel flow, thus guaranteeing the security, efficiency and stability of building access control management.

HFSECURITY Facial Recognition Attendance Device

HFSECURITY Facial Recognition Attendance Device

As for the difficulty of counterfeiting, we should give enough confidence to modern technology. The current face recognition technology is not what it used to be. Compared with fingerprint verification, access cards and other faces are much more expensive to counterfeit, so its security has been improved. On the other hand, for prevention purposes, the face recognition and attendance system is also connected to the database of the public security department. 

Once the system identifies suspicious people, it will immediately issue an early warning to prevent hidden dangers from outside, effectively strengthening the security of building access control. It is worth mentioning that the system not only has the function of access control management, but also has the function of visitor management at the same time, which can implement scientific and reasonable control of visitors passing through the building. It replaces manual archiving with face recognition, giving up complex data information verification steps and saving visitors. The time of recorded face identity information data.

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