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Face recognition access control system is mainly composed of face recognition access control equipment and management system, face recognition access control equipment through the camera to collect face information, with the prior import of the face database comparison, verification of access to the identity of the consistency of the personnel, meet the conditions can open the access control, and management system is mainly used to provide personnel access rights management, equipment management, data analysis and other functions. The whole set of face recognition system can control the passage of personnel, higher security performance, not afraid to forget the magnetic card, fingerprint deformation, forget the password and other problems, for the hands of inconvenient personnel in and out more convenient, better experience, so what are the main functions and roles of face recognition access control system, the following will be introduced.

Face access control in the community, construction sites, enterprises, industrial parks, government office buildings and other places using face recognition technology in the access control system to do access management, by capturing the face and pre-recorded face library comparison, different areas, different access points, different time periods of access rights, through the face of this special “card” to make a judgment, control the opening of the access control system. Mainly face recognition control equipment, on the basis of the face can also be used with IC cards, fingerprints and other ways to do a combination of verification, in the security is further strengthened and guaranteed.

Face recognition access control

The main function of the face recognition access control system

1、Internal and external personnel triage management, improve user experience

Internal personnel can enter the information into the system in advance, which can realize the attendance of internal personnel, access control, access rights management and other functions, quick statistics on the number of personnel and the area where the function. For external visitors, visitors can submit appointment information on WeChat applet in advance, and internal staff can also invite customers to visit, and the administrator can enter the visitor’s photo into the face library in advance, so that visitors do not need to register when they visit, and they can directly brush their faces to pass, which can improve the image of enterprise receiving visits.

2、Infrared face recognition, security upgrade under high accuracy rate

Face recognition machine or face gate uses binocular camera and infrared recognition face technology, strong anti-interference, can reduce the impact of external environment and location such as lighting, accurate extraction of face attributes for real dynamic comparison, recognition error is greatly reduced. When the person fails to match with the information in the database it is impossible to enter. This ensures the security of the people entering, unregistered outsiders and non-depository personnel cannot impersonate others to enter, and even if they take other people’s photos, they cannot “brush their faces through the gate”.

3、Multi-entry data interconnection to achieve cross-door management

If there are multiple entrances in the same unit, multiple face gates can be assembled, and the face gates in different areas have a unified database and terminal management platform, so that the face gates in each area can realize data interconnection and unified management of multiple entrances. Specifically to different units, will also be developed according to the actual situation of the corresponding custom face gate solutions.

4、Allocate different rights to achieve security management

For companies with more departments or higher requirements for security level, for some departments of research and development, in order to try to prevent the leakage of information, face recognition machine can be installed in the department, and set the access rights of personnel, only those who have obtained the rights can enter and exit to ensure the safety of research and development information.

HFSECURITY FR07 Face fingerprint access control

FR07 7inch Face Recognition Access Control

The advantages of face recognition access control system

Previous traditional access control system, generally use the card, password or fingerprint identification, there is a magnetic card loss, password leakage, fingerprint theft and other problems can not be effectively resolved. At the same time the traditional access control system, all need to use one hand to operate, when the in and out of the hands of the person is not convenient, then access will become very inconvenient. Face recognition access control system and traditional fingerprints, magnetic cards and other access control system management, compared to the face of the intuitive and not easy to be copied, can be more effective and precise identity of the person, can effectively block strangers randomly in and out. At the same time there is no magnetic card loss, password leakage, fingerprint theft and other troublesome issues, freeing people’s hands, personnel access senseless passage, the experience of the user.

Face recognition access control system is also more intelligent and convenient in the management application. In the past, community personnel changes, the need to replace fingerprints, magnetic cards and keys in a timely manner. After face recognition access control is put into application, new users only need to grade face information in the community management office, they can enter and leave freely, and the background can also quickly delete the information of the people who move out, which greatly saves the community personnel change management cost.

With the rapid development of face recognition technology, the optimization of face recognition access control goes even further. At present, the recognition rate of face recognition technology is no longer affected by external factors such as makeup technology, portrait photos, mask models, day and night. Strangers want to enter the community gate by virtue of difficult as heaven.

Access control as personnel access management security off, its importance goes without saying, access control system design work gradually become the focus of attention in the security market. In the artificial intelligence technology blossoms at the moment, face recognition has emerged, with the east wind, to promote face recognition access control further to the market. At present, face recognition access control system has been used in the community, finance, education, office, building, construction sites and other fields.

Face Recognition Access Control with Turnstile

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