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1. What is Iris Recognition Technology


Iris recognition technology is based on the iris in the eye for identification, and is used in security devices (e.g., access control, etc.), as well as in places where there is a high degree of confidentiality. The iris is formed during the fetal development stage and will remain unchanged throughout the life course. These characteristics determine the uniqueness of the iris features and also the uniqueness of the identity. Therefore, the iris characteristics of the eye can be used as the object of identification for each person.

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2. Iris Recognition Technology Principle


1. Iris image acquisition, using specific camera equipment to photograph the entire eye of a person and transmit the captured image to the image pre-processing software of the iris recognition system.

2.  The main steps are as follows.

Image preprocessing, the acquired iris image is processed as follows to make it meet the requirements for extracting iris features.


Iris localization: determine the position of inner circle, outer circle and secondary curve in the image. The inner circle is the boundary between the iris and the pupil, the outer circle is the boundary between the iris and the sclera, and the secondary curve is the boundary between the iris and the upper and lower eyelids.


Iris image normalization: adjusts the iris size in the image to the fixed size set by the recognition system.


Image enhancement: For the normalized image, brightness, contrast and smoothness are processed to improve the recognition rate of iris information in the image.

3. Feature extraction, which uses a specific algorithm to extract the feature points needed for iris recognition from the iris image and encode them.

4. Feature matching, which matches the feature codes obtained from feature extraction with the feature codes of iris images in the database one by one to determine whether they are the same iris, thus achieving the purpose of identity recognition.

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3. Iris Recognition Technology Applications


1. Information security, the Internet era, a variety of account theft, fraudulent links, phishing sites, are coveting the user’s information and property security, with the iris technology to provide Internet protection, to ensure user login, computer, online transactions and information security.

2. Education exams, every big exam, more or less exposed to different types of cheating, test substitution events, cheating methods are increasingly high-tech, anti-cheating technology is increasingly enhanced. In order to fundamentally eliminate the occurrence of the above undesirable phenomena, a number of examination centers have introduced iris recognition technology to authenticate the identity of candidates, and this technology is also used for freshman reports to eliminate impersonation.

3. Judicial security, in the judicial, public security, military and other systems, equipped with iris recognition technology access control system is widely used.

4. Banking and finance, with the occurrence of financial fraud and bank card theft in recent years, banks’ security systems have been questioned and challenged. In order to improve the security level, banks have introduced biometric technology one after another for security upgrade. Among many biometric technologies, iris recognition technology, which is the most accurate and secure, is gaining more and more attention from banks, a high-security industry, and its application is increasing.

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