What is the Function of Face Recognition Attendance Machine

1、Face recognition has the characteristics of high concurrency, high throughput and low latency, even if tens of thousands of faces are searched, it still only takes hundreds of milliseconds to process, meeting your real-time use needs.

2、Using the international leading face algorithm, its accuracy is high, adaptability is strong, and security is good.

Fast Face Recognition HFSecurity FR07

3、Using special double cameras, it belongs to the quasi-3D face recognition technology, the recognition performance greatly exceeds the 2D face recognition, and the complexity of the algorithm is much lower than the 3D face recognition.

4、Face Recognition performance will not be affected by the environment light, good reliability.

Face Recognition Dual Camera HFSecurity

5、Face Attendance records and photos can be obtained through Wifi or 4G network, in addition, the device status can be set through TCP/IP network, as well as upload and download information, network communication data encryption.

6、It can be used independently or with cloud management software, which can complete the registration, attendance and storage records of personnel and other functions.

HFSecurity Face Recognition Software

7、Non-contact, can avoid the infection of bacteria, to people and equipment are more health and hygiene.

In the face of so many kinds of face attendance machine, the choice is not easy, and the brand is also very much, but as long as we do more comparison, and then combined with their own needs to choose on.

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