Why Use Access Control System for School? | HFSecurity

The issue of school safety has become a hot issue of greater concern worldwide. Protecting every child and minimizing accidents that happen to them has become an important part of education and management in kindergartens as well as primary and secondary schools.

Therefore, the use of intelligent campus access control systems to address these security and management hazards faced is particularly important.

Why use campus access control system


One, now most of the campus security management system and measures are relatively backward, are basically stuck in the level of manual management. Therefore, strangers can still easily enter and exit the school, causing great potential danger to the safety of life and property of students and teachers.

Second, some students are addicted to the Internet and skip classes as a whole. Parents and schools are not informed of the students’ situation in a timely manner, and may not even know about it for a long time, which delays the time for education and guidance and affects the healthy growth of students.


Third, some schools have many resident students, so the management of student dormitories is also an issue that must be considered for school safety and security, both to protect students’ lives and to safeguard their property.


In order to be able to effectively protect the life safety of school teachers and students and the property safety of students living in the school, the effective management of truant students and student dormitories and the normal flow of people can pass during peak hours and other issues. The school should establish a campus access control management system with modern science and technology to guarantee campus security by combining technology + human defense.

Analysis of the current problems of campus management

 ● Security risks caused by foreigners mixing into the dormitory.

 ● Inadequate management of dormitory access control hours, and students not returning to the dormitory or going out privately at night.

 ● The entrance and exit of the dormitory must be guarded.

 ● The traditional access control method of card swiping is unavoidable.

 ● Difficult management by administrators and untimely updating of information, etc.



How to choose a correct school access control system?

The following points should be taken into account

Practicality of the system.

The function of the access control system should meet the actual needs. Can not be flashy. If the one-sided pursuit of the system ahead of time. Will inevitably result in excessive investment and deviate too far from the actual needs, therefore, the practicality of the system is the first principle should be followed. Therefore, the practicality of the system should be the first principle. In particular, operability (convenience) enables managers with primary computer operation level to master the operation of the system through simple training and reach the operation level that can complete the duty task.


Stability of the system

As the access control system is a non-stop long-term work of the system, and our normal life and work are closely related. So the stability of the system is particularly important, requiring the product system to have more than five years of successful application experience in the market, with a corresponding customer base and customer service system


System security

Access control system in all equipment and accessories in the performance of safe and reliable operation at the same time, should also comply with international safety standards, and can work effectively in a non-ideal environment, powerful real-time monitoring functions and linkage alarm function to fully ensure the safety of the user environment

System scalability

Access control system technology is constantly moving forward, user needs are changing, because the design and implementation of access control systems should take into account the actual needs of future expansion. That is, you can flexibly add, subtract, and update each subsystem to meet the needs of different periods, to maintain a long time leading position and become a model of intelligent buildings. When the system is designed, the functions to be realized are reasonably configured, and this configuration can be changed, even after the project is completed, this configuration change is also possible and convenient, the system software is upgraded and improved accordingly according to the developer to meet the needs of the market in different historical periods, and the corresponding application customers are not upgraded with software, at the same time, it can be expanded into attendance system, conference sign-in system, patrol management system, dining management system and other card projects

System ease of maintenance

Access control system in the operation of the maintenance process should be as simple and easy as possible. The operation of the system can really be open to the public, plugged into the Chengdu can run, and the maintenance process can be done without the use of too many special maintenance tools, from the configuration of the computer to the configuration of the system, the configuration of the front-end equipment are fully and carefully considered the reliability of the system, and the implementation of the corresponding certification. We also take into account the fact that even if problems occur for unexpected reasons, the data can be easily saved and quickly recovered, and the channel can be quickly opened in case of emergency.



In order to ensure the stability, practicality and convenience of the premise, access control products should have a certain degree of sophistication to ensure that in the next few years will not be eliminated, and can meet the requirements and needs of the use of access control


School entrance/exit gate access control system solutions


School gate


Because the school gate is generally open-air or semi-open-air environment, the requirements for dustproof and waterproof are relatively high, so we generally recommend the use of outdoor swing gates, because the model is more, generally depending on the situation, depending on the choice of standard channel or wide channel swing gates, while the number of channels to be used according to the actual planning of the scene, the general situation is two or more groups of channels, while for the wide channel gates Not only can personnel pass, while non-motorized vehicles can also pass, the verification method can choose face recognition, sweep code, card, etc.. The gates can accurately identify the identity of the passers, authorized personnel can freely enter and leave the campus, while visitors need to register for authorization to enter and leave, effectively avoiding idle people from slipping into the campus.

Long life: 10 million times trouble-free operation.

IP65: The whole machine is designed to be waterproof and dustproof both inside and outside, so it is fully applicable in outdoor without any problem.

Anti-violence impact gate: elastic pendulum design, unique movement structure design, the movement can withstand the impact force is more than 5 times than the ordinary movement, the door pendulum can withstand frequent accidental impact without damaging the movement.

Shared by people and vehicles: The width of the passage can be customized to 1m~2m, so people, bicycles, motorcycles, wheelchairs, baby carriages and trolleys can pass.

Resistant to cold and high temperature and condensation: Intelligent temperature control design, add temperature controller, set the upper and lower temperature limits, when the temperature inside the chassis is lower than the lower limit or higher than the upper limit, the temperature controller will automatically heat or dissipate heat, so that the internal temperature of the chassis remains within the limit, and no condensation will be formed, thus protecting the internal electronic components. Applicable temperature -40℃~60℃.

Anti-sunlight interference:Infrared structure adopts matrix distribution and avoid direct sunlight design to reduce the interference of sunlight on infrared and avoid false alarm due to infrared misjudgment.

Strong compatibility: The gate system can be seamlessly connected with access control system, time and attendance system, visitor system, etc. to realize the linkage management of “IOT”, which is convenient to collect and analyze the passage data and do a good management of preplanning.

Dormitory entrance

Generally, the entrance and exit of dormitory buildings are semi-closed, and the installation of personnel entry and exit gates for management can reduce the work pressure on the staff, and can accurately identify the identity of the passers, authorized personnel can freely enter and exit, while visitors need to register for authorization to enter and exit, effectively avoiding salesmen, people intending to steal, and people intending to commit murder from slipping into the dormitory area.

The teachers in charge of campus security can also know whether students have returned to the dormitory within the curfew time without checking in person based on the passage data collected by the gate and access control management system, which is convenient and fast.

Library entrance

Library access gates are used in indoor environment, indoor swing gates and wing gates can be used. Swing gates and wing gates have high plasticity and can match different decoration styles. The verification method can choose face recognition, sweeping code, swipe card, etc., used to identify the identity of the passers, for example, the library authorizes students and teachers to enter, and visitors are not allowed to enter.

Gymnasium entrance

Library access gates for indoor environment, can choose indoor pendulum gate, wing gate. Pendulum gate, wing gate shape plasticity is high, can match different decoration style. The verification method can choose face recognition, scanning code, swipe card, etc., used to identify the identity of the passer, for example, the library authorizes students and teachers to enter, and visitors are not allowed to enter.