​Leaders of District Business Bureau visited Huifan Technology

On the morning of Feb. 3, Ms. Deng Qiong, Deputy Director of Jiangbei District Commerce Committee, Ms. Zhang Dan, Section Chief of Jiangbei District Commerce Bureau and other leaders visited our company for research, Mr. Wang Gaoxin, Chairman of our company, Ms. Peng Yu, CSO and Ms. Cao Changyu, Marketing Director received them warmly and both sides had a deep communication.


Ms Peng yu, CSO, reported on the company’s work in 2022, introducing our biometric product types (fingerprint scanner, facial recognition solution, time and attendance access control, fingerprint platform, KYC, etc.), R&D and production. Ms. Cao Changyu, Marketing Director, also reported on our biometric products exporting countries, successful overseas projects (fingerprint election, telecommunication projects, banking projects, campus access control) and foreign trade integrated services and other related business. 


In January of this year, our company participated in the ASEAN tour organized by the Municipal Commission of Commerce for the “Hundred Missions and Thousands of Enterprises” international market expansion program, and visited Thailand and Malaysia, where we discussed in depth the cooperation with many enterprises in Thailand and Malaysia, and signed contracts on site with the enterprises that reached the intention. Our biometric products are very advantageous in the market, we have our own factory, can support various needs customization, can provide SDK for customers to develop independently; products support a variety of identification methods (fingerprint, face, palm print, iris, etc.) comes with attendance access control software, full-featured, suitable for different needs of different enterprises. The products are also certified by CE, FCC and other international certifications, and can meet the needs of some biometric projects. In the coming time of this year, we will arrange customer visit and exhibition in Korea, Pakistan, UK, Kenya and other countries to further expand Huifan’s share in biometric market. 


Director Deng also introduced the determination of the district government and the district business committee to focus on building high-quality foreign trade enterprises in Jiangbei District. She said that the district business committee should provide support for enterprises in need, build a platform for them, promote exchanges between them, connect upstream and downstream enterprises, and do a good job in grafting resources.

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