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Banks are the main performance place of the national currency money, business involves a lot of cash, securities and valuables, etc., because the security of the bank has always been the focus of each country’s security prevention. In recent years, the rapid development of the financial industry market, with the increase in business outlets, ATMs, bank capital flows, etc., bank security systems are facing an increasingly large jump


To strengthen the security of banks, savings, vaults, places of concentration of valuables, banks are increasingly in the role of security, before all the systems in the bank are traditional protection systems, such as magnetic cards, smart IC cards, etc. are easy to be copied, stolen, lost, they do as a verification mode has not been able to meet the growing security needs, although the cost of fingerprint identification is low, but the applicability of certain types of people Although the cost of fingerprint identification is low, the applicability to certain types of people is very poor, such as fingerprints are not clear, there is wear and tear, etc. At the same time, in the case of fingerprints with oil stains, water stains, molting, etc., the error of fingerprint identification is also very large


In addition, because fingerprints have been used for many years as a crime identification work, some people will be collected because of fingerprints and psychologically resistant to interest, while face recognition using human facial features for identity recognition, friendly, intuitive, does not require the deliberate cooperation of people, is currently the least impact on the user of all biometric technology, accuracy is also high, more valuable is that there is a face recognition access control function of the device The ability to collect human face images can also provide the most intuitive evidence for post-event investigation, therefore, the use of face recognition system in banks is an optimal choice


Face recognition is more secure

Face recognition technology is divided into 1:1 comparison and 1:N comparison, for banks can use smart cards and face recognition 1:1 comparison way want to end, its advantage is the double verification technology, first need intelligent IC card or ID card verification, after verification through, can be face recognition verification, face recognition verification before opening the door, compared with the simple use of smart card access control system, security Higher, suitable for high security places like banks to use

Palm Face Recognition Access Control FR05M

In summary; the use of facial recognition system has the following aspects of the point


First, the security level is effectively enhanced

The integration of face recognition technology on the original smart card access control system can effectively prevent the theft of her smart card or the occurrence of the phenomenon of guarding oneself, is the original access control system to effectively enhance the level of security prevention

Secondly, it can be seamlessly integrated with CCTV system

With the gradual improvement of people’s security requirements, CCTV system has long become an important link in the bank’s security system. At the same time face recognition access control system can also design some other communication interfaces, can be seamlessly integrated with the video surveillance system, in the event of duress alarm, you can notify the video surveillance system

Third Flexible time processing and alarm linkage

Face recognition can be linked with other alarm systems, and for various abnormal times, such as illegal card reading, door opening timeout, door lock damage, forced entry, etc., the relevant alarm processing and prompting can be set according to the actual needs of the user to ensure the safety and security of the security guard area, and has a great deterrent effect on criminals


In recent years, although face recognition technology has made great development, but users worry that the recognition accuracy will still be affected by factors such as light, gesture, expression, camouflage, etc. It is based on this that they will have some worries and concerns in choosing face recognition products, but happily, the algorithm of face recognition technology has become more and more robust and can weaken the external light, gesture, expression and other factors on face recognition. Influence, in the use of infrared imaging and other means, can enhance the recognition accuracy, so that face recognition products are really applied


Entrance and exit control as an important link in the security system, directly affects the security of the entire system inside, at present, the more mature access control solution is the card or card plus password, but once the card is lost or lost password, the security of the entire system poses a great threat or inconvenience to the user’s use, and face recognition access control system with the face as “key” to open the door obviously higher security, and has a small impact by the site environment, high recognition accuracy, recognition speed, intuitive results and other points, has been more and more attention by the majority of customers


The vault, rhyme, ATM ticket room and other personnel identification

Banks as a financial industry, the operation requires a very high security, so the requirements for identity verification is also more stringent, in the ATM dispensing room, escort car, vault, bank business network second door and other special environment, usually verify the identity of the method of verification, access card, verification password and fingerprint authentication. Among them, the password is easy to be stolen by criminals, and it is impossible to determine the user; fingerprint identification is easy to be copied and has the disadvantage of high rejection rate due to the angle, and the key and access card are easy to be lost, so as to cause the danger of theft or forgery. The above problems can be effectively avoided if face recognition combined with live checker technology is used. To a greater extent to strengthen the security of the bank’s operating environment


Intelligent video monitoring system for business premises

In business premises facing all kinds of people, banks can enhance the security of business premises by using face recognition technology to identify forgers. In addition, the identified suspect images can be submitted to the public security authorities to provide information for the public security authorities to arrest the suspects or solve the cases. For example, some banks use video surveillance systems to face recognition capture of the crowd, analysis to determine the frequent appearance of suspicious people in recent days, and take the initiative to add them to the blacklist for alarm defense

Face Fingerprint Recognition Access Control

Intelligent identification alarm system

In self-service equipment such as ATMs and other application scenarios, face recognition technology can also be used to show off, for example, through the ATM machine with the camera to capture the withdrawal of facial information, with the identity information left in the bank for comparison, in order to prevent theft, identify the identity of the suspected disguised face of the business processors, and government departments database for comparison, once the suspicious person is found, according to the pre-designated emergency Once a suspicious person is found, it can be alerted or alarmed according to the pre-designated emergency rules to achieve the purpose of protecting customer funds as well as personal safety.


Electronic bank remote account opening

By using face recognition system to identify customers and confirm their identity, it can shorten customer processing time and reduce bank costs, and the process can be completed online from customer data collection to account opening to card collection and activation, greatly enhancing the customer account opening experience. In the face to avoid the risk of personnel, experience and other factors affect the risk, but also can make full use of the entire network resources to verify the customer’s background and credit situation, effectively avoiding the risk of fraudulent opening


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When handling business, customers only need to “swipe face” and select the transaction card number, enter the password to complete the transaction, in order to avoid dedication, initially only God for small payments, password recharge, the “initial password reset”, online banking and other channels, using face recognition verification; “swipe face” + manual audit In the mode of “face swipe” + manual audit, face recognition verification is applied to certain important and special businesses, such as card opening, e-banking signing, large amount transfer, etc., which can effectively prevent and control risks. By swiping your face for withdrawals and transfers at self-service counters

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