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Our schedule has been confirmed! Kindly  check below:


a. 29th Feb. to 6th March in Lahore, hotel: Hotel One Garden Town, 18-A, Tariq Block Garden Town, Lahore
b. 7th-10th March in Karachi
c. 11th-15th March in Islamabad

We sincerely invite you to discuss cooperation opportunities in Pakistan’s biometric industry with the HFSecurity team. At the current moment, Pakistan’s biometric market is in a booming stage, and various biometric technologies are being widely used in many fields, making positive contributions to the country’s security and development.

Current status of the biometric industry:

Pakistan has made significant progress in the field of biometrics, mainly in the government, corporate and financial sectors. Government departments widely use biometric technology to improve the security of identity verification and protect citizens’ rights and interests. In the corporate world, biometrics are used to enhance employee attendance management, visitor registration, and security monitoring. Financial institutions are also actively adopting biometric technology to improve the security of transactions and the accuracy of customer identity verification.

Biometric applications:

Fingerprint recognition technology: used in identity verification and attendance systems.

Facial recognition technology: Widely used in public safety, border management, and corporate security.

Iris recognition technology: Used for high-security identity verification, especially in government and financial fields.

Palmprint recognition technology: Achieve high-precision identity authentication in some specific areas.

Future market development:

Pakistan’s biometrics market is expected to continue growing rapidly in the coming years. As governments focus on digital identity and data security, biometrics will become a key tool in achieving these goals. At the same time, the demand for efficient identity verification and security management in the enterprise and financial sectors will also drive the development of the market.


In this prosperous moment, we sincerely invite you to visit Pakistan and discuss cooperation opportunities with the HFSecurity team. We look forward to sharing our advanced solutions in the field of biometrics and innovative applications tailored for the Pakistani market.

The conference will provide an interactive platform where you will have the opportunity to gain an in-depth understanding of the actual needs of the Pakistani biometric market, and we will also be able to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your expectations and needs to provide you with the best solutions.

Please let us know a time that is convenient for you and we will arrange a professional and productive meeting. We look forward to working with you to create a more prosperous future in the biometric field.

HFSecurity Team

HFSecurity Biometric Solution Provider

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